UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH No Limit Records Is Back!

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH No Limit Records Is Back!

What has hip-hop been missing the last few years? Is it the presence of Dr. Dre, whose Detox is being constantly fine-tuned to disappoint as extravagantly as possible? What about a reunited Outkast (or, really, even a solo effort from Andre)? Wrong and wrong again. Three simple words sum up the massive void left in the hip-hop landscape: No. Limit. Records.

Yes, times have been dark without Master P’s mighty empire, which introduced us to the ever-charming likes of Sillkk the Shocker and Mystikal. But those times are over, because No Limit Records is back! Taking the mantle that P. himself once shed, Master P’s family is relaunching the label as a digital-only affair called No Limit Records Forever. Heading up this venture as president is Romeo Miller, who you and I know better as child rap sensation Lil’ Romeo.

Who knows what all this will mean for No Limit Records and its legacy of poorly Photoshop’d explosions, but you know what? This video is still awesome. Fry ‘em!

• No Limit Records Forever: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Limit_Forever_Records

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