Ulrich Schnauss Remixin’ Like Mad for New Collection

Ulrich Schnauss Remixin' Like Mad for New Collection

It looks like Germany’s very own ambient/IDM producer Ulrich Schnauss has quite a few friends out there, and in high places. Not exactly a surprising fact, considering the man’s scope of musical virtuosity, his range across the genre spectrum, and let’s not forget his undeniable production skill. It’s hard not to like a musician who, regardless of what type of music you happen to subscribe to, will most likely grab your ear due to at least one element within his varied output. Thus, on March 15, a select few of these far-reaching friends will be allowing him to release remixes of some (in Schnauss’ opinion ALL) of their best tracks. Schnauss has decided to title this release (his first since 2008’s Stars EP) Missing Deadlines - Selected Remixes, and he’s been kind enough to provide us with a snippet of words describing the relevancy of this particular album:

“Essentially what makes me really happy about this album is the fact that it’s a selection of the — in my opinion — best mixes from a musical point of view, rather than a compilation of the commercially most successful ones, or the tracks that have the biggest names associated with them. In all cases, the original songs are already great in their own right — which made it really inspiring to work with them.”

Missing Deadlines is set for release on March 23 through UK label Rocket Girl. Given the aesthetic parallels he shares with many of these artists, I can definitely feel him giving these tracks a needed warm rubdown in this neverending winter season. Speaking of tracks:

01. Howling Bells - “Setting Sun”
02. A Sunny Day in Glasgow - “Ghost in the Graveyard”
03. Katharina Franck - “Faithful Friend”
04. Madrid - “Out to Sea”
05. Asobi Seksu - “Strawberries”
06. Dragons - “Remembrance”
07. Aus - “Halo”
08. Mahogany - “Supervitesse”
09. Lunz (Roedelius & Tim Story) - “Lunz”
10. Rachel Goswell - “Coastline”
11. High Violets - “Chinese Letter”
12. Mark Gardener - “Story of the Eye”
13. I’m Not a Gun - “Make Sense and Loose”
14. Mojave 3 - “Bluebird of Happiness”

• Ulrich Schnauss: http://www.myspace.com/ulrichschnauss
• Rocket Girl: https://www.rocketgirl.co.uk

[Photo: Troy Stains]

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