Unwound release live LP version of Leaves Turn Inside You, unveil online archive

Unwound release live LP version of Leaves Turn Inside You, unveil online archive

The internet! In a place long ago and far away, Cyberspace’s great gasping artificially conscious beast was begat of Mr. Gore and a wacked-out speedball of irony, snarky comment sections, and funny cats. In its early days, this primitive creature existed solely of Angelfire websites and X-Files message boards, gradually growing in sophistication and power until that most glorious of days — TODAY! — when Unwound bring their own history back to life with an online tour museum of sorts: the Unwound Archive. In this museum, you can be naked. You can chew tons of gum and take all the photos you want. It’s like a paradise for people who have always had really low-level dreams of what they wish they could do in a museum… but really high-level dreams of what kind of musical history they wanna poke around in, within said museum.

See, Unwound are showing off some artifacts from their last tourdates in 2001 and 2002: videos, interviews, fliers, all that jazz. Plus new t-shirts! This museum never closes, you gum-chewing, naked freak; you can sit and listen to Unwound live shows all damn night long if you want. But if that’s not enough for you, on December 11, the band is also releasing a live double LP version of their 2001 masterpiece, Leaves Turn Inside You, consisting of live performances from their final tour. Each track was recorded by Unwound superfan and bootlegger, Mike Zeigler — a fella referred to as “The Kid” and deeply devoted to Nirvana and rock ‘n’ roll in general — who accompanied the band on their final tour. So, you can watch your Unwound tour videos on the internet while syncing up the new live version of Leaves Turn Inside You, reliving those hazy, magical days when everyone had juno.com email addresses and you shared that final moment with Unwound at Bimbo’s in San Francisco.

Live Leaves tracklisting:

01. We Invent You (10/16/2001 SF, CA. Bimbo’s)
02. Terminus (10/15/2001 SF, CA. Bimbo’s)
03. December (09/21/2001 Austin, TX. Emo’s)
04. Look a Ghost (09/21/2001 Austin, TX. Emo’s)
05. Scarlette (09/01/2001 Chicago, IL. Fireside Bowl)
06. Lifetime (09/16/2001 Carrboro, NC. Cat’s Cradle)
07. Corpse Pose (09/17/2001 Athens, GA. 40 Watt Club)
08. October All Over (09/06/2001 Detroit, MI. Magic Stick)
09. Arboretum (09/22/2001 Denton, TX. Rubber Gloves)
10. Below The Salt (09/22/2001 Denton, TX. Rubber Gloves)
11. No Tech (09/16/2001 Carrboro, NC. Cat’s Cradle)
12. Valentine Card (09/16/2001 Carrboro, NC. Cat’s Cradle)
13. Radio Gra (09/18/2001 Atlanta, GA. Echo Lounge)

• Unwound: http://unwoundarchive.com

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