Updated: Jerry Finn, Producer for Morrissey, Green Day, Taken off Life Support

From an article on Billboard:

Blink-182 and Morrissey producer Jerry Finn has been taken off life support after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage last month. According to a post on the Prosoundweb forum reprinted on Morrissey-Solo.com, Finn's family made the decision on Saturday.

"Even though he did make snail-like improvement these past 31 days, he is not any better for words and has not had any consistency in the tests that the medical team have done for him," a close Finn friend wrote on the forum. "At this time the hemorrhage has done massive damage to his body which will leave him severely disabled and in need of acute care for the rest of his life. We know Jerry wouldn't want to live like this in a vegetative state."

- Jerry Finn Wikipedia entry
- Billboard article: "Producer Jerry Finn Taken Off Life Support"

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