Upset The Rhythm Knows How to Party: Gets Drunk, Wakes Up in the U.S. in Time to Host Three Shows

Upset The Rhythm, a U.K. record label and pretty much nightly organizer of the best shows in town, has been filling up my Facebook inbox almost daily ever since I made the mistake of joining the Facebook frenzy. Even though I would never decide to hop on a plane to London just to see one of their shows, I still get an invite to every show that they put on. Almost every time, I get a little upset that I've yet again been fooled into thinking maybe that show was actually happening in my town.

Well, if you're one of the lucky ones who has the chance to go to every other good show, then maybe Upset the Rhythm is coming to your town. Yep, they will be partying it up in New York, L.A., and San Francisco during the first half of July. Each party will feature many of the bands on Upset the Rhythm's roster, including Lucky Dragons, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Bird Names, Future Islands, Wet Hair, and the reason this is all happening: Foot Village. As recently reported, Foot Village's Anti-Magic is coming out on UTR, and instead of just having a record release party, they decided to have UTR showcases in these three lucky cities. Upset The Rhythm's Chris and Claire are going to be flying over and joining in on the festivities.

I'm sure any day now I will get invites on Facebook to all three of these shows, and just as quickly I will hit the "No I Will Not Attend This Event" button. I will continue doing so until one fine day when I get a relevant invite from UTR. Highly unlikely!

The lineups for these shows are as follows:


Friday, July 3 @ Monster Island Basement

Ambergris / Lucky Dragons / Silk Flowers / Bird Names / Soft Circle / John Maus / Future Islands / Wet Hair (Shawn from Racoo-oo-oon)


Saturday, July 11 @ The Smell

Foot Village / Lucky Dragons / Gowns / Death Sentence: PANDA! / KIT / Softboiled Eggies / Former Ghosts / The Urxed (Rob from High Places) / BARR / No Age (DJ set)


Sunday, July 12 @ The LAB

Foot Village / Gowns / Lucky Dragons / Death Sentence: PANDA! / T.I.T.S. / KIT / The Urxed / Former Ghosts

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