USAISAMONSTER disband, release final album R.I.P.

USAISAMONSTER disband, release final album R.I.P.

Formed roughly 10 years ago by Colin Langenus and Tom Hohmann, USAISAMONSTER have officially disbanded. Bummer. Actually, they officially disbanded last year, but I’ve sorely missed their psychedelic, proggy, Native American mythological songs ever since. The good news, however, is that the group has joined together one last time for the appropriately titled R.I.P., which also marks the first release off Brooklyn’s Northern-Spy, a new label formed by the team that resurrected ESP-Disk’. The disc sees Colin (guitars, vocals, keys, percussion) and Tom (drums, vocals) playing with Maxx Katz (keys, vocals, flute) and Peter Schuette (keys), with additional help from Jeremy Danneman (Parade of One) and TMT dreamboat Matt Mottel (Talibam!).

Check out “Grey Owl” (and the cover art) from R.I.P. over at the Chocolate Grinder, and pre-order the album here. The official release date is November 16.

R.I.P. tracklist:

01. Grey Owl
02. Ranald MacDonald
03. No Drugs Til Now
04. Heavner
05. Four More Years
06. Dynamite Day

In related news, Colin has a new project called the Colin L Orchestra. Don’t think we’ll forget whose orchestra that is. Check out their Myspace here.

• Northern-Spy:

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