Vampire Weekend plans more releases for 2010; are you mad yet?

Vampire Weekend plans more releases for 2010; are you mad yet?

New York sunshine pop juggernauts/hate-magnets Vampire Weekend released their insanely popular Contra (sequel to 2008’s insanely popular self-titled debut) a mere three months ago, yet they’re already planning more releases for the rest of 2010. In an interview with BBC6 (via TwentyFourBit), frontman Ezra Koenig made reference to “a few little things we’ve worked on that’ll come out this year.” The singer didn’t lay out any specifics on what exactly those releases would be, but he did mention that the group started preliminary talks about their third record almost immediately after finishing Contra. Basically, if you hate these guys, you have a new LP and some extra material to get furious about in the relatively near future.

It’s also worth noting that the BBC6 interview as a whole is ripe with juicy hater bait. Here’s a prime quote for you: “I’m amazed that we even chart anyway frankly a bunch of knuckleheads like us.” You guys have fun with that one.

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