Vanessa Rossetto releases Exotic Exit on Graham Lambkin’s Kye

Vanessa Rossetto releases Exotic Exit on Graham Lambkin's Kye

Vanessa Rossetto. Given the context in which her name has come up, I almost assumed that she was an Italian opera singer. That’s right: if you’re a woman, have an Italian last name, and are even remotely involved in music, I will automatically assume you’re an opera singer. I’ve clearly never lived in New Jersey.

No, as it turns out, Rossetto is involved in something far more congruent with the content of TMT: field recording and free improvisation. She lives in Austin, TX, one of two cities serving as the source material for her new LP, Exotic Exit. The other city is New York City, and the other material stems, of course, from her improvisational side, which centers around the creation of elaborate sound collages.

According to a press release, Rossetto utilizes viola, violin, cello, dulcetina, and glockenspiel in order to create an effecting contrast and shroud over the sparse sounds of the aforementioned cities. In her own words: “Exotic Exit is a summary of my daily life and the environments that I passed through; traveling and remaining at home, walking, working, eating, talking and listening to music behind closed doors.” Rossetto obviously has a penchant for understating.

Check out the wonderful track “34815” below. The LP is available for purchase now via Graham Lambkin’s Kye Records.

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