Vetiver Are a Thing of the Past, But They’re Touring Anyway

Vetiver, who released Thing Of The Past earlier this year on FatCat, are set to tour the U.S. starting today in Louisville, KY.

But who cares?

Ugh... Man, I'm so sad right now. My baby is gonna be at a soccer tournament all weekend long and I'm not gonna see him till monday which is some depressing shit I tell you...this morning was so cute tho we were chillin and stuff like we usually do just talkin and whatever, and then I walked him to the bustop (as usual) and when it was the cut off point I was like "Man I'm gonna miss you so much." and he was like "I'ma miss you too" and he gave me a kiss and was like "Bye, I love you" and I was like "Bye, I love you too" - it was so sweet....

then this afternoon I was trippin cuz you know how when your walking and a car goes by? Well, when that happens I dont even like look at the car right. So me and Alicia were walking and this car drives by and I was thinking in my head, "That looks alot like Fernando..." and then the car drove by and then Alicia was like "You know Josh was in that car right? He was waving at you." I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOO!!" I was so mad and I was like hes not gonna know I didnt see him, oh shit I messed up!

But, it was alright cuz he called me when he went in the office and I told him I aint see him, lol. And then he was like "Man, I'ma miss you for real" and I was like "I'ma miss you too!" and he was like "I love you" and I was like "I love you too" and then he had to go...I'ma miss that boy...

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