This Is the Way Plan B Magazine Ends, Not with a Bang but a Twitter

After five years of publication, UK indie music rag Plan B will print its last issue on June 1 according to this Porky Pig-style farewell tweet.

Launched by rogue journalist Everett True in 2004, Plan B set out to provide an incisive, content-driven alternative to the mainstream UK hype mills. In its short history, Plan B succeeded in dodging the slings and arrows of tacky tabloidification with loose and fun news coverage and spectacularly entertaining and thoughtful reviews. There’s no word yet if Plan B will retain an online presence, but since that’s been my only exposure to the magazine (and I must say I’ve quite enjoyed it), let’s hope it sticks around on the digital plane in some form or fashion.

Earlier today, I bought a Colt 45 forty ouncer, and tonight I’ll be pouring out a triple-sip or so of that sucker on the curb for you, Plan B. See you at the crossroads.

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