Way Through to release Arrow Shower on Upset the Rhythm. Also, what exactly is pastoral punk?

Way Through to release Arrow Shower on Upset the Rhythm. Also, what exactly is pastoral punk?

“Way Through are a pastoral punk duo from Shropshire.” Wait… pastoral punk? That sounds like some bizarre fusion of Fleet Foxes and The Clash — lumberjack poets on a mission to shock, a mission to shake the foundations of urban establishment with acoustic anthems. I just can’t imagine anyone pulling that off.

However, Way Through’s debut LP Arrow Shower offers a better definition of pastoral punk than my weirdo imagination can. Their sound has a definite garage rock vibe, drifting from raucous to reflective and back again, and they draw on elements of English history as well as modern discontent for inspiration. The album’s title comes from a junk shop copy of Philip Larkin’s poetry collection, Whitsun Weddings, one filled with a teenage boy’s scrawled commentary. Here’s what Chris Tipton of Upset the Rhythm Records had to say:

Way Through walk through ruins, trace the lost domain of the neo-romantics and hang out with hillside chalk figures, connecting with the spirit of place still deeply lodged in our consciousness. Broken fences, disused science parks and overgrown cemeteries hold as much spiritual vision for them as standing stones. With Arrow Shower, Way Through have explored a language that can help re-enchant the land and lives of all of us today.

The album is currently available for streaming through SoundCloud, and it’ll get a physical release on October 3.

Arrow Shower tracklisting:

01. Ruined Acre
02. Sad Twin
03. W. B.
04. Arro
05. Rural Fringe
06. Gallant Show
07. Widowhood
08. Handsome Knave
09. Wsh
10. Salmon Patch
11. Brother’s Rapid
12. Ower
13. Denton Welch

• Way Through: http://waythroughwithyou.blogspot.com
• Upset the Rhythm: http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk

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