We may feel safe now, but The Rapture is still coming… out with a new album in September

We may feel safe now, but The Rapture is still coming... out with a new album in September

Just the other day (guess which one), I says to my co-worker, I says, “You know, it would be great if The Rapture decided to make a come-back by releasing an album today.” The news comes a little late, but The Rapture announced today that an album is forthcoming, just as the end of the world will undoubtedly come — someday. The band posted the news on their Facebook wall, which, while technologically on par with Newt Gingrich’s ‘hip’ Tweet publicizing his decision to run for president, was infinitely cooler. The fourth full-length from The Rapture, In the Grace of Your Love, will be out September 6, the same date that the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, William McKinley was shot, and Swaziland became independent. In my opinion, they could’ve picked a more universally dramatic day, but what are you going to do? (Blame James Murphy.)

Legendary French electronic producer Philippe Zdar took the production reins for the album (recorded in Brooklyn and Paris), and Murphy’s label DFA is releasing it in the States and North America (UK release: September 5). Keep on the look-out for more details in the near future, and remember to stock up on cans and keep your bathtub filled with clean water.

• The Rapture: http://www.myspace.com/therapture
• DFA: http://dfarecords.com

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