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We Will Fail and MonotypeRec. join forces to form new label Refined Productions; remix EPs featuring Ziúr, Eomac, Peder Mannerfelt, Kangding Ray, and M.E.S.H. coming in New Year


Touch releases the neurohormone oxytocin (not OxyContin, you pillbillies!), which makes us feel happy and reduces stress, fear, and pain. But now — especially now, maybe — touching is a touchy subject. Unwanted contact, prolonged hugs, or the mere suggestion of a petting nature, whether heavy or light, can rightfully get one into hot water. Thankfully, there is a way to produce that good lovin’ oxy that makes us feel so good: through music. New label Refined Productions has your neurohormones in mind as it starts up in 2018 with the release of two We Will Fail-related EPs.

Of course, RP isn’t only trying to evoke feelings of coziness or hygge. Created by Aleksandra Grunholz (A.K.A. We Will Fail) and Jakub Mikolajczyk (MonotypeRec label head), Refined Productions will seek to release music as a “slow label,” putting out good, intelligent music in response to the scads of irrelevant musics flooding our markets and lives right now. The first fruits of this measured labor will see the light of day in January and March in the form of EPs containing tracks by Grunholz’s We Will Fail and their corresponding remixes.

First up on January 19 is the Schadenfreude EP, Refined Productions No. 1, which features two We Will Fail sound clashes — “Schadenfreude” and “Night” — plus two remixes of the latter by Ziúr and Eomac. The second EP, Very Urgent, will be out in March and will include the original We Will Fail track “Very Urgent” plus remixes by Peder Mannerfelt (The Subliminal Kid), Kangding Ray, and M.E.S.H. Refined company indeed!

Mark your 2018 calendars and check out a bit of “Night” in the Refined Productions EP trailer below. Then reach out and touch someone, figuratively speaking.

Schadenfreude EP (out January 19, 2018):

01. Night
02. Schadenfreude
03. Night (Ziúr Remix)
04. Night (Eomac Remix)

Very Urgent EP (out March 2018):

01. Very Urgent
02. Very Urgent (Peder Mannerfelt Remix)
03. Night (Kangding Ray Remix)
04. Night (M.E.S.H. Remix)