Weezer sign to Epitaph because “that’s where they want to be,” release new album Hurley in September

Weezer sign to Epitaph because "that's where they want to be," release new album Hurley in September

Remember a couple months back when Weezer left Geffen and every headline on earth read something like “Weezer goes totally indie”? But then it seemed somewhat less interesting because Weezer’s contract with Geffen had simply run out and they didn’t renew it? Well, hey everybody, dust off those old headlines, because Weezer IS going totally indie!

In a move that I can only assume was made exclusively to curry the favor of my 16-year-old self, Weezer has signed to long-running punk label Epitaph. Not exactly the most predictable move (I would have guessed, I don’t know, XL?), but Epitaph has expanded its focus beyond its skatepunk roots in recent years. Unfortunately, this severely dampens my dream of Weezer exclusively playing Bad Religion and Pennywise covers.

By the way, Weezer is releasing a new album called Hurley through the label on September 14, nipping at the heels of last year’s Raditude (TMT Review). You will not like it as much as you liked The Blue Album and Pinkerton, but you will end up listening to it at least once anyway. I know how you are.

• Weezer: http://www.weezer.com
• Epitaph: http://www.epitaph.com

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