Wham City Comedy Tour hits the road again this week! (sorry, there’s still no stop in Wham City)

Wham City Comedy Tour hits the road again this week! (sorry, there's still no stop in Wham City)

Okay, so, here’s the deal, folks: I want you guys to know all about the upcoming Wham City Comedy Tour that’s starting this Wednesday, and I want to give you the necessary background information that you might need, including the fact that the Wham City Comedy Tour “is a two-hour cross-genre variety show, showcasing the very best from Baltimore’s award-winning artist collective and fabled party starters” and that attendees can “expect stand-up sets, videos, dramatic monologues, and ensemble sketches in a tightly-run, visionary performance” and that Dina Kelberman is involved…

And, I totally want you to remember that they did this before a few years ago, back before dudes like Dan Deacon and Ben O’Brien were as popular as they are today (in the intervening years, the Wham City guys have “performed on stage with Chicago’s Second City, shared festival bills with Donald Glover, Neil Brennan, and Henry Rollins; O’Brien has opened for Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman; and Mason Ross won Best Comedic Performance in the City Paper’s Best of Baltimore issue”)…

Yeah, yeah, I want you to know all of that stuff and get excited for it and go to a show in a town near you and laugh yourself incontinent and all of that great stuff… but the thing is, I don’t want to have to embed or link to or even talk about “Drinking Out of Cups.” What do you say? Does that sound like a fair deal?

Wham City Comedy Tour 2013:

4.10.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Arcade Comedy Theater
4.11.13 - Cleveland, OH - Mahalls 20 Lanes
4.12.13 - Chicago, IL - The Hideout
4.13.13 - Detroit, MI - Jam Handy
4.14.13 - Toronto, ON - Double Double Land
4.15.13 - Buffalo, NY - The Vault
4.16.13 - Rochester, NY - Meddlesome Lab
4.17.13 - Troy, NY - 51 3rd St
4.18.13 - Williamstown, MA - Williams College
4.19.13 - Annondale on Hudson, NY - Bard College
4.20.13 - Purchase, NY - Purchase College
4.21.13 - Rosendale, NY - Market Market Cafe
4.22.13 - Worcester, MA - The Firehouse
4.23.13 - Torrington, CT - Snapper Magee’s
4.24.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall
4.25.13 - Baltimore, MD - Area 405
4.27.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Goldilocks Gallery
4.28.13 - Washington, DC - Sixth & I

• Wham City: http://whamcity.com

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