What This Country Needs Right Now Is a Robert Pollard DVD! Good News, There’s One Coming Out

The moments between new releases by Robert Pollard are few and far between, so we must use them wisely. Fill them with wonderful times with your friends and family. Enrich yourself with fine literature and film. Spend time outside appreciating the great outdoors. Discover your true self and how you view the world. Then once your time is occupied by the next Robert Pollard release, you’ll know you didn’t spend the downtime in vain.

Or you could forgo that and fill your life with even more Robert Pollard. Thanks to the good folks at Rockathon and MVD Visual, your precious eyeballs can feast on the glorious Pollard goodness contained on the new DVD, The Devil Went Home and Puked, out October 20. One need not even settle for one era of Pollard, as the film is a video collage consisting of footage from every era of Guided By Voices and solo Pollard since 1994, along with early GBV studio footage. Sounds like a lot of Uncle Bob, but to ensure that you will never find yourself Pollard-less, the DVD also contains nine hard-to-find music videos. If you’ve been spending all your Pollard downtime scouring GBV message boards looking for the video for “Circle Saw Boys Club” or “I-Razor,” then you may now rest, for your search is over.

As for news concerning what Pollard’s been working on lately, I don’t think he’s planning on putting anything out soon. I think he’s probably going to take it easy for a while. Just playing!

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