Where have ye been Danielson? Apparently in Gloucester County, PA recording a new album

Where have ye been Danielson? Apparently in Gloucester County, PA recording a new album

Five years is quite a stretch. Not just musically speaking, but technologically, physically; whole cultural movements can be born and die within that time span. A child birthed five years ago is walking and talking and doing elementary math and shit. Yet somehow for brother Danielson the last five years without musical output hasn’t seemed to put a damper on his street cred or desire to give the gift of a new album for his adoring fans. Yes, on February 22 Danielson will be releasing Best of Gloucester County through his very own homely label Sounds Familyre.

If the title of this release sounds like a best-of comp, think again buckaroo (that would be Trying Hartz [TMT Review]). The title merely captures the locally grown feel of Gloucester County, PA that Danielson is trying to summon on this one. He’s also pulled a lineup switcheroo with this release and replaced some of the old friends and family members with some fresh faces, including some contributions from fellow enigma Sufjan Stevens and his lovely wife along with a special guest appearance from Swedish wonderboy Lens Jekman. Word from the press peoples is that we can also expect some new sounds from this one, such as electric guitar and, well, that’s probably about it. Anyway, it’s a new Danielson album and that alone is something to get psyched about. After five years of anxiously waiting, you can wiggle yourself off the sofa and go snag yourself a copy.

Best of Gloucester County tracklisting:

01. Complimentary Dismemberment Insurance
02. This Day Is a Loaf
03. Grow Up
04. Lil Norge
05. But I Don’t Wanna Sing About Guitars
06. People’s Partay
07. Olympic Portions
08. You Sleep Good Now
09. Hovering Above That Hill
10. Denominator Bluise
11. Hosanna in the Forest

• Danielson: http://www.danielson.info
• Sounds Familyre: http://www.soundsfamilyre.com

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