White Fence (that guy who does a lot of psych-garage stuff) to release …Is Growing Faith next year on Woodsist

White Fence (that guy who does a lot of psych-garage stuff) to release ...Is Growing Faith next year on Woodsist

The verdict is still not out on whether musicians are really greedy for attention or inordinately giving. Many stretch themselves thin, inviting themselves to every shindig with a fresh face, like a 1950s socialite attending five holiday parties on a Saturday night and showing up with a fancy casserole at each location. Tim Presley is no exception, and when you count up his recipes, he’s a regular Betty Crocker.

We reminded you earlier this year who Tim Presley is, when the Chocolate Grinder graced us with a track from the self-titled debut from White Fence, Presley’s latest project. That is, his project aside from Darker My Love, The Strange Boys, and earlier, The Nerve Agents and The Fall (okay, so his Fall contribution is isolated to playing guitar on Reformation Post TLC back in 2007, but it got your attention, didn’t it?).

…Is Growing Faith, White Fence’s next addition to Woodsist’s catalog of noisy, weird-ish (it’s not breaking any barriers, but it’s not Katy Perry) psychedelic pop with garage guitar and woozy vocals is out January 10, 2011 — at a time when the music is most incongruous with the weather, even in his sunny SoCal home. Presley’s going to do the best he can do with the climate when he sets off on a tour with The Babies in January, but White Fence are not leaving the West Coast.

…Is Growing Faith tracklisting:

01. And By Always
02. Growing Faith
03. Sticky Fruitman Has Faith
04. Your Last Friend Alive
05. Enthusiasm
06. A Pearl Is Not a Diamond
07. Tumble, Lies & Honesty
08. Lillian (Won’t You Play Drums?)
09. Get That Heart
10. Harness
11. Stranger Things Have Happened (To You)
12. Body Cold
13. The Mexican Twins/Life Is… Too $hort
14. Art Investor Collector
15. When There Is No Crowd
16. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory (CD/digital-only bonus)

• White Fence: http://www.myspace.com/whitefenceband
• Woodsist: http://woodsist.com

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