White Hills cancel European tourdates; new EP’s title Stolen Stars Left For No One more telling than once thought

White Hills cancel European tourdates; new EP's title Stolen Stars Left For No One more telling than once thought

Though you may have missed it the first time, hopefully by the end of English class you realized that “Hills Like White Elephants” was about an abortion. Unfortunately, there’s an elephant in this very room, and White Hills have an abortion of their own to report. White Hills were supposed to blast off on another space rock tour across Europe this winter in support of their new EP on Thrill Jockey, Stolen Stars Left For No One (a self-titled full-length came out earlier this year: this is what we thought of it), and Europeans had already begun stocking up on weed and good vibes in preparation. But in an unexpected turn of events, 17 shows throughout November and December have now been canceled due to “family illness.” White Hills have announced that their appearance at ATP In Between Days (December 6, Minehead) is still a go, but throughout November, stoners and psych fans will have to find another reason to sway and blink under bright, swirling lights.

Dates canceled:

11.06.10 - Berlin, Germany - White Trash Diamond Lounge
11.10.10 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
11.11.10 - Budapest, Hungary - Zappa Café
11.13.10 - Cirie, Italy - Taurus
11.14.10 - Brescia, Italy - Latteria Molloy
11.15.10 - Pescara, Italy - Mono
11.16.10 - Rome, Italy - Circolo Degli Artisti
11.17.10 - Forli, Italy - Circolo A.R.C.I. Valverde
11.18.10 - Treviso, Italy - Fun House
11.21.10 - Barcelona, Spain - Moog
11.22.10 - Madrid, Spain - Wurlitzer Ballroom
11.23.10 - Salamanca, Spain - El Ralo
11.24.10 - Porto, Portugal - Music Box
11.25.10 - Vitoria, Spain - Gasteiz Ibu Hots
11.29.10 -London, England - Old Blue
12.02.10 - Liverpool, England - Kazimer
12.03.10 - Glasgow, Scotland - Captain’s Rest

• White Hills: http://www.myspace.com/whitehills
• Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com

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