WHY? Expands Tour into The Fall, Dates with Mount Eerie

What are you doing this fall? Starting a new semester? Moving to Florida? Getting married? Buying your first house? Taking a dump? Well, cancel your plans RIGHT NOW. Seriously, do it. Go ahead. I'll tell you why in a second, but it's very important that you cancel your plans first... Yep, pick up that phone... dial... good, good... Okay, are your plans canceled now? Now, don't just say they're canceled -- are they really canceled? Great, because boy have I got news for you!

WHY? have just announced another U.S. tour! Still supporting their critically acclaimed anticon. release, Alopecia (TMT Review), WHY? are actually still on the road in Europe, supporting, supporting, supporting. Come late August, however, WHY? will be done with all this European ridiculousness (at least until October) and will be back in the U.S., playing dates with Tussle, Tobacco, and Tount Terie.

See? Now, aren't you glad you canceled your plans? Ha, and you were all, like, "No, tell me first, I can always cancel later or plan around the tour." You're pathetic.

% Tussle

* Mount Eerie

# Tobacco

[Photo: Jacob Hand]

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