Wire announce new album in their “Colors” series, Red Barked Tree, due in January

Wire announce new album in their "Colors" series, Red Barked Tree, due in January

Wire, Britain’s first “real” punk rock band, have announced that their newest album, titled Red Barked Tree, will be available for mass consumption on January 11 through the band’s Pink Flag label. The album, Wire’s 12th, is the follow-up to 2008’s Object 47 and is further proof that not all bands get worse with age. Well, at least the bands that weren’t shitty to begin with.

The album was written and recorded throughout 2010 and features the slightly-less-than-four trio of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, and Robert Grey, with the press release making sure to mention that the recording sessions had “no guests.” I guess Wire really want to reinforce the fact that they made this album as a band, most likely to prove that 40-somethings in a punk band can make good music without the aid of young folk. Or maybe they don’t want to admit who they’re friends with??

Regardless of the how or why, the album was created, the guys have put together a good group of songs, and you can even hear one if you want! Yeah! Just head over to that less professional site and take a listen to the very cool, very Wire-like “Two Minutes.”

Red Barked Tree tracklist:

01. Please Take
02. Now Was
03. Adapt
04. Two Minutes
05. Clay
06. Bad Worn Thing
07. Moreover
08. A Flat Tent
09. Smash
10. Down to This
11. Red Barked Trees

• Wire/Pink Flag: http://www.pinkflag.com

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