Wren Kitz announces new album Dancing on Soda Lake, unveils new single “Haunted Hole”

Wren Kitz announces new album Dancing on Soda Lake, unveils new single "Haunted Hole"
Kitz does his best to pass the time between Vermont ski seasons.

If you think about it, all the best things are always “Vermont-based.” I mean, come on: Teddy bears? Covered fucking bridges? World-class Ski resorts? The famous Lake Champlain Maritime Museum? BERNIE SANDERS??? (yeah, no, don’t worry: it’s still hip to keep mentioning him)…the list could pretty much go on forever. But unfortunately, MY STUPID EDITOR says I have to cut it short and head straight for “Vermont-based singer-songwriter” Wren Kitz.

Kitz (who, again, is 100% Vermont-based) released his debut record of melancholic, ambient-swaddled collage-folk For Evelyn back in 2015. And now, his latest album-sized platter of strummed acoustics, mewing strings, hissing analog tape, and muttering field recordings, Dancing on Soda Lake, is out June 2 on NNA Tapes.

Identified by its accompanying press release as a “luminous song cycle ” which flows “freely back and forth between beauty and mystery, not unlike our own plasmic origins,” Kitz’ latest effort explores all those delightfully plasma-related themes of “confusion, isolation, and existentialism” throughout the course of its nine composite tracks’ slow and deliberate descent down the ol’ surrealistic (and Vermont-based) rabbit hole.

Speaking of Vermont — pre-order details for Kitz’ new work are leaking out about as slowly as Vermont’s own delicious and distinctive maple syrups do; but don’t worry: in the mean time, you can get your fix of collage-y, ephemeral chamber folk via the album’s otherworldly lead-off track “Haunted Hole” — which Kitz shared recently on SPIN — right down below. You’ll be in good company too: Bernie Sanders is probably streaming it on his Pixel phone while sitting cross-legged under a beautiful, historic covered bridge right now.

Dancing On Soda Lake tracklisting:

01. Haunted Hole
02. Dancing
03. Sleepin’ Dog
04. On Soda
05. Oceanic Rah
06. Hold Him
07. Lake
08. Cheese Whiz Salad
09. Strange Plan

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