Xasthur sells black metal CDs on eBay

Xasthur sells black metal CDs on eBay

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the guy you’re buying stuff from on eBay is somebody famous? I do. I like to think that every time I buy a plastic toy-gun for my gigantic G.I. Joe collection that I could be buying it from Nic Cage, Meryl Streep, former President Jimmy Carter, or any number of celebrities known for their G.I. Joe collections. Sometimes I like to think that all the used books I purchased on eBay came from Huey Lewis’ personal library.

If you ever do have this fantasy, then you can help bring it to total fruition and start buying used black metal CDs from ambient black-metal musician Malefic, of Xasthur fame, through the modern marvel of eBay!

If you take a look at the e-garage sale, you’ll see that ol’ Malefic is going through one of his “phases where [he] become[s] addicted to getting rid of stuff,” and that “now is one of those times.” At the auction, you’ll find signed posters and first-pressings of early albums by artists like Beherit, Darkthrone, Burzum, Paragon Belial, and Graveland. If you don’t take a look, then I guess you’ll never know what you missed.

• Xasthur: http://xasthur.mercurous.net

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