YouTube purchases BandPage for artists to sell merchandise

YouTube purchases BandPage for artists to sell merchandise

Recently, my younger, millennial brother told me about YouTube’s new paid subscription service, YouTube Red. I went to a library computer, typed “” into the browser, and I was shocked that YouTube was into grannies wearing E.T. masks as much as me. Before being kicked out of the library, I read a FACT article about YouTube also acquiring BandPage to help musicians sells concert tickets and sweet merch.

“BandPage” may sound like “BandCamp,” but that’s only because the two words are similar. Currently, users can create custom pages that allow them to sell items, including VIP experiences (just like the ones I saw on RedTube). BandPage recently integrated with Spotify, but it’s still unclear how YouTube’s purchase will affect the app. All I know is that if this helps YouTube get more money, then that money can go to Kanye. It’s a trickle-down system that works.

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