Zammuto preps debut single, finally feels unencumbered by The Books’ rigid, stadium-sized, pop-by-numbers bullshit

Zammuto preps debut single, finally feels unencumbered by The Books' rigid, stadium-sized, pop-by-numbers bullshit

Hey, remember summer, Mister? I just have such a huge nostalgic boner for it, don’t you, Miss??? Like, remember when we told you about how Nick Zammuto (one half of the slow-but-steady duo The Books) was stepping out to form a new four-piece band called ZAMMUTO? Ahhh, good f’ing times! Everything was so fucking awesome and hazy and sepia back then, it didn’t even seem real. God, I loved it.

But here in the harshly crystal clear, disgustingly visible spectrum-lit winter time, I’m here to tell you that ZAMMUTO is real. Terrifyingly real. In fact, the band is all set to release a “limited-edition single” in December (the cruelest month, according to most poets) via the UK-based Make Mine label. The single will feature the songs “Idiom Wind,” “F U C-3P0,” and “Weird Ceiling.” “Three tracks? Isn’t that kinda more of an EP,” you ask? Ah, good question. The answer is “no.” Any more questions about the single? Alright, moving on.

Since part of the idea behind ZAMMUTO’s inception was to play live, the band have (fucking predictably!) also scheduled some live shows for early next year. But even though this band may be terrible at defying expectations, they will still, according to a totally un-cited source in their press release, put on “a truly forward looking rock show, searingly bright and original.” Man, again with the seering brightness! When is summer coming back? Arg. Anyway, the shows will also feature a screening of ACHANTE, a short film about Haitian Voodoo which features a score and sound design by ZAMMUTO (the band, I guess, not the dude). Finally, you can also listen to the track “Idiom Wind” over here. OR CAN YOU??? (Cliffhanger!)

ZAMMUTO single tracklist:

01. Idiom Wind (7-inch & digital)
02. F U C-3PO (7-inch & digital)
03. Weird Ceiling (digital only)

ZAMMUTO dates:

02.03.11 - North Adams, MA - Mass MOCA
02.04.11 - New York, NY - 92YTribeca
02.06.11 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall

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