Zs plan for a very prolific nightmarish future: record deals, solo projects, box sets, double 7-inches

Zs plan for a very prolific nightmarish future: record deals, solo projects, box sets, double 7-inches

If you logged onto Tiny Mix Tapes at some point yesterday, chances are you saw and immediately checked out the sweet new Zs racket “33~” over at our trusty Chocolate Grinder. But if you’re anything like me, you first asked yourself, “How could Mr P so coldly undermine and discredit the thankless efforts of his own TMT News staff by breaking a story about new Zs material in a non-TMT News section?” UGH. It’s blatant slaps in the face like this that start me daydreaming about high-fiving Ryan Schreiber in the VIP lounge at a Cults concert.

Still, in the mad dash to undermine the very people that look up to him, P left out the fleshy details of what Sam Hillmer & Co. are up to, so I guess there’s a place for us newsies after all: janitorial duties. Allow me to swing a dirty mop full of information in your direction: Zs (Sam, Ben Greenberg, and Ian Antonio), fresh off a busy year of conquering the headphone mutants, are setting things into horrendous mechanical motion, with no signs of slowing down until at least 2013. They’ve signed a multi-record deal with Northern-Spy, which includes the (rudely) aforementioned 33 double 7-inch (available November 8), a retrospective box set, a “mega remix project,” other mysterious Zs releases, and full-length records from each member’s solo project (Sam’s Black Crown Ceremony, Ian’s Memory Locke, and Ben’s Hubble, whose Hubble Drums is also prepped for November 8).

New paragraph, more Zs stuff: a golden cassette titled Sky Burial on the Brooklyn-based Words+Dreams label, something called This Body Will Be a Corpse released “on an MP3 Playbutton” (???), and another EP/LP/remix album blast on The Social Registry after all the above has been released! So much stuff… my head is reeling… who was I angry at again…

If you’re able to navigate through the sea of new Zs product in time, you might be able to catch them at the first annual Spy Music Festival on October 1 at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, or at the record release show for 33. “When’s that show? Where’s that show?” What do I care. Screw you. I just work here.

33 tracklisting:

A. 33-
B. 33\
C. 33~
D. 33/

• Zs: http://www.zzzsss.com
• Northern-Spy: http://northern-spy.com

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