Moor Mother & DJ Haram collaborate as 700 Bliss, drop EP co-released by Halcyon Veil and Don Giovanni

Moor Mother & DJ Haram collaborate as 700 Bliss, drop EP co-released by Halcyon Veil and Don Giovanni

Earlier, I got a text from a random number that my phone marked as “wizard.” It said: “Hey come on down and bring a pot. I’m mixing up stuff you like!” And so on down I came. Into a darkened room I trundled, and there’s this fellah: tall, skinny, sorta ragged, pointy hat up on the old dome covered in stars. He says to me, “Your pot! Great!” and he yanks it from me and sets to work. Me, I’m just standing there wondering how he got my number.

Hailu Mergia Lala Belu

[Awesome Tapes From Africa; 2018]

Styles: Ethio-jazz, Ethio-groove
Others: Mulatu Astatke, Ethiopiques, Broken Flowers

The word “mesmerize” is derived from Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, an 18th-century physician who believed that animal magnetism could be reinforced and strengthened by sounds. Instruments, especially the glass armonica, figured notably in Mesmer’s experiments on human patients, many of whom would later report musical hallucinations. Decades later, neurologists at France’s Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital used tuning forks to induce supposed trances in their patients.

Dedekind Cut Tahoe

[Kranky; 2018]

Styles: nu age
Others: V/A (Light in the Attic), Private Issue New Age Music in America, 1950-1990; Lonnie Holley, Just Before Music; Sean McCann, Music for Private Ensemble

Fred Welton Warmsley III has found a home. A home! And the soothing ease of settling into space…

But what is a home? It is a building as much as it is a dwelling. The sounds of Tahoe sing the emergence of the voice, which, in the yearning for a more blissful existence, creates space in which to inhabit at the very instant it yearns for it. Or: in the beginning was the voice.

Ryuichi Sakamoto async - remodels

[Milan; 2018 ]

Styles: ambient
Others: Solaris, Mirror, Stalker

n.b. For months, I thought Ryuichi Sakamoto had died and that his masterwork async was the composer’s Dead Letter to no one sent from nowhere. “Diagnosed with cancer,” I read, still reeling from those other great love letters to life sung by those with leaden lids. I had read of his sickness, but before reading the entire story — that he overcame his sickness — the sounds substantiated my misbelief. Surely only someone peering past life’s precipice could have whispered what they saw there.

♫♪  Mount Eerie - “Tintin in Tibet”

Photo: Jeff Miller

♥ ♥ ♥

I sing to you
I sing to you, Geneviève
I sing to you
You don’t exist
I sing to you though

When I address you, who am I talking to?
Standing in the front yard like an open wound
Repeating “I love you” to who?
I recorded all these songs about the echoes in our house now
And then walked out the door to play them on a stage
But I sing to you

Top 5 Venues on Radiohead’s Upcoming North American Tour 2018

Top 5 Venues on Radiohead's Upcoming North American Tour 2018
Pretty sure Radiohead is on that stage...

These are the top 5 venues on Radiohead’s upcoming North American tour.

5. Madison Square Garden (New York, NY)

A perfect venue for “The Tourist.”

cupcakKe Ephorize

[Self-Released; 2018]

Styles: drill concrète, fractured dancehall, hardcore sex
Others: Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Mykki Blanco

Profanity, especially in art, has an unusual, two-pronged appeal: grossly, profanity is socially taboo; radically, profanity connotes temporality. Profanity by nature is pervasive, yet even in profane spaces, blurting out profanities risks provoking language and morality policing. This is why Chicago rapper Elizabeth Harris, professionally dubbed cupcakKe, is as shocking as she is relatable; this shit is all commonplace, but it is also — if not novel — avant-garde in its own ostensible unspeakableness.

U.S. Girls In a Poem Unlimited

[4AD / Royal Mountain; 2018]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: singer-songwriter, soul, experimental pop, funk, torch songs
Others: Lower Dens, Fever Ray, Destroyer, Neko Case, Jenny Hval, Julee Cruise, PJ Harvey, David Bowie

As it is ever overwhelmingly loaded to be an American (let alone a patriotic one), this Toronto-based Canadian-American’s project title is all the more compelling in its estranged branding. It is huge to feel cut off from a group, and America is vast and varied enough to continuously provide horrific to transcendent answers to this common dilemma. Although we can ultimately choose with whom (or whomn’t) we align ourselves, we are nonetheless subject to fate and its accomplices.

PC Music releases limited-edition vinyl versions of first two compilations

PC Music releases limited-edition vinyl versions of first two compilations

Cheap vinyl is not hard to come by these days — you can even pick some up at the local supermarket. But not all records work well for PC Music fans, so how do you avoid making a big mistake?

Plenty of PC Music fans have bought vinyl from high-street shops or via the internet at bargain prices, and have found they do the job well. Unfortunately, while many are getting away with buying cheap vinyl with good music on it, others aren’t, and it’s possible to end up with a record that suffers from having really shitty music on it.

Answering our cries for help, Dr. Octagon’s original lineup returns from space with a new song, a new record, and two live dates

Answering our cries for help, Dr. Octagon's original lineup returns from space with a new song, a new record, and two live dates
Photo: Dr. Octagon

The year is 2018. A tall, thin man lifts his weary gaze to the sky while his shorter and utterly filthy companion looks on, and he cries out. “Help us!” he screams to the heavens, “We’re dying down here! Help us!”

Suddenly, a bright light appears between clouds. It hurdles towards the earth, a ball of mechanic material alighting in the atmosphere. It crashes to the ground mere feet from the man and his companion: a shorter, stouter man with a long beard. The force knocks them back. Three figures step from the smoldering rubble with the illimitable sound of a DJ scratch:

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