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i wish i was okay with being alone
you cry to me but you don’t understand that i love you
songs for a fresh start with an old flame
I’m working in a factory to help pay my way through college, and I’m starting to identify with my 50 year old coworkers. Help me.
How am I supposed to last lots and lots of weeks without you when I missed you 3 seconds after the lift doors closed?
Songs to accompany you on the way to school.
such a tease ;)
The love of my life just broke up with me but he wants to stay friends… I’m torn between furious rage and the pathetic knowledge that I need him to live.
music for the collaterally damaged
california i love you good thing youre not bringing me down
We were only meant to fuck, I wasn’t meant to fall in love. Now, you don’t want a relationship, I do. I can’t tell you I love you otherwise I won’t even have the connection we have now. I can’t just be friends.
Our first time wasn’t that great, but I still love you.
Songs to sing along to while drinking with your buddies
Japanese Hip Hop
“She broke my heart, She’s a bitch, She hates me, but I still love her. WHY?”
My male best friend is in love with me, but I’m a lesbian
Songs for my heartbroken sister who won’t let me punch her ex in the face
I’m a 25 year old pop-punk/punk rocker who’s unemployed and lonely. I need some music to help me get pumped up and confident so I can turn my life around
Songs to foster a taste for experimental music in a seven-year-old, or Dad listens to some really weird music, but I like it.
42 days until I live in Austin, Texas.
I hate to admit that I love Super Bass and other songs like it
My friend need some encouragement to break up with her oppressive boyfriend
songs for that day when you just dont give a shit.
I’m going back to school and I’m going to be older than everybody.
Foreign pop songs that i can dance super drunk to with my friends at parties
I need a mix to make me brave, to bring out my conviction; to start my DOing.
Mix It Up
I need a mix to make me brave, to bring out my conviction; to start my DOing.
I’m electronic/new wave/indie rock, and I want to do a striptease.
super dope tracks for when i’m getting twisted with my bros on the lax team
Nostalgia is making me go to Medieval Times
Songs to resign a chess game to
Songs to resign a chess game to
my vegetable garden IS awesome, thanks for noticing!
songs to paintball to
Soundtrack to senior year of high school
I need some relaxing music without distracting lyrics to bust out my college essays
I’m in the mood for love simply because you’re naked.
Life sucks right now so I want some goddamn happy pop music
i don’t even know you, and i’m in love
I’m on salvia trip
The love of my life wants to live (abroad) Croatia with me, but doesn’t want to move into my apartment in our hometown (in Scotland) - Songs to apease me…
the girl i like is a mates ex, and she is about to be my housemate… need some deep thinkers!
songs you wish will sheff had made creepier
i left my hometown a year ago too indie for my own good, now i’m back and i’ve become the only crust punk on the block. songs to make me forget how bad this place sucks that bridge the gap between the two genres
Old hippie songs that no one has ever heard of
i need some bass in my life… in order to live
I drive around til 1 in the morning because i dont feel like going home yet
Can you find me peace?
I’m 20 and I finally left my boyfriend of 4 years who is also the father of my 11 month old baby because he is now waiting to find out if a two month old baby is his. This took me far too long but now it seems I’m alive for the first time.