♫♪  Andy Koufax - “Practice Makes Worseness”

Ya fuckers thought C was out the game? Ya, that’s totally true, sorta, but rn, this one for long-time TMT contributor [and ultra-ultra conflict of interest for me to write this for] Samuel Diamond. Man’s flipping his est. 2014 ultra in-depth and solo-run website Long Island Rap Blog into Long Island Rap Records. And as with all young, 21st-century record labels, LIRR is going to start out on-the-reel with some tapes. First release is from Long Island legend, Andy Koufax.

Tape title is announced as I’m From A Little Place, and Koufax continues to stretch alternative rap with single “Practice Makes Worseness.” Phaser guitar riding out, cut with vocal lyrics that sharpen the mutual melody, knocking listeners around with a snare-drum beat like a fury of fists. A perfect match between Queens of the Stone Age and XENNIS RODMAN. Is it angsty? Yes! Does I’m From A Little Place drop early February 2020? Here’s the pre-order link. Wait, it includes autographed baseball card with hand-numbered liner note and download code? FUCKOUTTAHEEEERE!!!

Peep the Long Island Rap Records manifesto. Nod to “Practice Makes Worseness” by Andy Koufax below. You’ll never regret being you.

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