Kyklooppien Sukupuutto
“Kusisessions Vol. 1” [7-inch; Kissankusi]

It’s flat-out staggering how dry-mouthed and wanting I’ve been for a nice stretch of bolt-tightened hardcore (kind of like when you realize you’ve been hungry for hours); Kyklooppien Sukupuutto go a long way toward slaking my thirst on their own. They’ve got this treble-worshiping lo-fi character and they rarely deviate from it, but they also know how to keep things in frenzied, full-gear mode, so Minor Threat/Bad Brains devouts and even some of the power violence crowd (Spazz-oids in particular) will jive all over this bile-stuffed turkey. I also remember Bum Kon and some of the other bands of their ilk rocking a bit like this. JAM it, brothers — if you can produce rock this contagious on a consistent basis, you deserve better than to wait FIVE YEARS to release your studio nuggets (much of this was recorded in 2006). Then again, if I had to choose between waiting the wait or missing out on Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, well, we both know what I’d have to do: wait. Import-style, 320 copies, knowing punk grins…

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Dusted Lux

Attic Visions

[3-inch CD-R; Kimberly Dawn]

Like a babe from the woods (iconically stenciled upon Attic Visions’ cover), Dusted Lux gingerly walks onto the Kimberly Dawn with an equally gentile and careful two-song debut. “Through Old Growth” is a docile creature, though it does raise its fur and give a threatening hiss as it unfurls its tired body for a new audience. The song is built upon a searing-in-its-passivity drone as piano and guitar meditations sooth the once-frightened faun. “The One You Love” works in much the same manner, heaving its weighty and layered melody out in waves, never quite ready to make a confident, strident run across the forest highway for fear of being slammed by a Mack truck. The tune is much darker than its predecessor, forgoing organic instrumentation for a more sinister appearance. The innocent dear is not going to be victimized by its predators, just as Dusted Lux will not bear the brunt of vicious critics laying into his flesh.

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[12-inch; All Hands Electric]

I don’t remember wishing for a refresh on the Supersystem (please don’t mention El Guapo; it’s too painful) sound, but I’m not going to complain now that it’s here. Psychobuildings are everything you want in a Friday night if you’re young and sleek these days — which I am not — and they don’t suffer for their influences (unapologetic new wave, post-post punk, dance-rock). If anything, they breathe new life into them like an audio version of what happened in that fuckin’ Mannequinn movie (I think there was a sequel, right? Starring, like, that small dude from Two and a Half Meatballs, right? Agree to disagree). Back to the discotecha: If you’re going to thump this 12-inch lady-pleaser in public, be ready to drop your inhibitions like drawers and dance until the cristal POPs like a love-cork. King God notwithstanding, I never could have anticipated how much the 80s would invade the indie sensibilities of the all-too-present. Just go with it, we must.

Links: All Hands Electric

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