Sorrow comes out at night – the bad thoughts that would otherwise be diverted or distracted during the day by simply doing something linger and intensify in the long, dark hours of the night. Sometimes they can cause insomnia. The music video for “Ifs” (the first song the album Split) by the London based synthesist Vasilis Moschas (alias Polygrains) is a story of cruising through the night for the sake of cruising. Directed by Dimitris Vrakas and set to a noir downtempo of Moschas that recalls Depeche Mode dim-love hymns, it plays like a drug-free version of Enter the Void, filtering the city lights through blurs and distortions while the female protagonist stares into a dark distance from the car window. And when she turns her head to the camera at the end of the video with her eyes full of tears: we understand why everything is so blurry. “Ifs” proves – both on the musical and visual level – that the simplest means are often the most effective. The catchy melody and the teary-eyed gaze will get you every time. Relate to the poor woman:

• Polygrains: http://polygrains.com


“summermix #2”

Hot, steaming chunks of earth rolling on down the mountain – pyroclastic flow style, DAMN we have “summermix #2” erupting from the heart of EPC (E+E).

The last mix (“summermix #1”) sounded like an inverted, down-pointing tower of babel; yes, it spit out wisdom in all directions (N, E, S, W) but remained guarded and mysterious, digging down into underground zones with enough room for privacy, introspection, and a few barely audible secrets that could teach you a new word, or two. This SISTER mix (#2) cracks off FAST. Press play to conjure a small amazonian army, non-sugar-coated, immediately commanding you to be quiet, BE COOL, be smooth, and to only worry about your goddamn self. Seconds in, warriors are launching shade and flame from several low swanging chariots unto the fields of Shenandoah and beyond, like an arrow straight into your chest. I imagine the preliminary violence as a call for an open heart – the hyperactive onslaught gives way to a tender, cathartic finale. Much has been said about the spirituality of E+E’s music; but, here, there’s something invisible creeping in, some sort of transformative sacrament, a fantastic rite of ownership and solemnity.

• E+E: https://soundcloud.com/eande

De Leon


I’m in a movie. I’m De Niro in Heat. De Leon’s self-titled cassette on /\Aught is my soundtrack. I’m Leon in The Professional. My back’s to the wall. My forehead is beaded out, like a hippie’s walkway. I’ve blinked more in the past 30 seconds than I have all day. Gotta make a run for it. Maybe I’ll walk, depending on the situation. Am I clear? Prolly not. Play it, though.

Have these lights been on all night? Neon reflections of limited scope filling my un-lidded seers. Tunnelled out and gripping clutched insight. Garbled messy gumption. The pulse of it all grows and grows. You /\Aught to know.

• /\Aught: https://aught.bandcamp.com/

Abigail Press


Abigail Press is intriguing. As I’m unfamiliar up until this point (which is Wednesday around 5:11PM), I took the liberty in finding more about this (LEGIT) elusive chanteuse. This is where I fell into her trap: she wanted me to find out more. Pictures, press tabs, every sort of social networking account, Jónó Mí Ló referencing her on Twitter, etc. But, to piggyback off of an idea Jónó had in his recent interview on TMT, Abigail Press really brings the IRL to URL and visa versa (I’m sure). And I dig the nature of how comfortable she appears doing so. Most people would FEAR projecting themselves like this across the internet – my SEO phobia included –yet, Abigail Press does not shy.

Like Molly Soda, Abigail Press is huge to me in the form of internet feminism, and I can get into anything she stamps. Thus, “take·a·way” is my jam shit on the sway //. Scope it out below and listen to those produced and sampled and compiled and layered vocals:

• Abigail Press: http://abigailpressmusic.com



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