Bun P. / Jr. (Kool Toad)

“Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)”

Eyes are not always the beholder of secrets. Shit, sometimes they trick you even into thinking one thing, when the illusion if fragmented light and color and your own damn cones’ fault. So, below “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” off the Kool Toad CD-r, Great Music (soon to drop on Night People, dubbed on CS), or maybe it’s someone else. Last week TMT fronted “Die Hard (Acid): First Try” by free music, who i think is Kool Toad, but scope the Blogspot below if you’re feeling noir enough to unravel the moniker myster. Though, does it even matter when busted cones just agree with the visual of music? Because “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” is one HECK of a nodder. Then the depict of this video and the visual around the studio with “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” throbbing in the background. Brilliant.

Great Music by [Various Artists] will be rereleased on cassette via Night People Records VERY SOON! In the mean time, scope the Ween-meets-311 vocal feel of “Rock & Roll Music (Masters Of Nothing)” below, and snoop the videos there-after. It’s a rabbit hole!

• free music: http://www.freetimewebpage.blogspot.com
• Night People Records: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

Leif Hall


Lief Hall is a Berlin-based, Vancouver-raised artist and musician who, with frequent collaborators like Quinne Rodgers (MYTHS) or alone, soars with whatever project in her hands. Her world, sunken and mossy, grown under the guise of a dark, frigid breeze is richly layered. Her 2014 release Voices is a prime example of the dissociative hypnosis one can fall into. Hall’s series of loops and layers wave like meditative corn fields, towering when stacked, siloed, and left to distill. Voices is a somber intoxicant of heavy eyes and a heavy mind.

Lief Hall’s last two releases, Transform and Voices, are now available on cassette from Demark art and sound label PHINERY. The three-track Transform EP from January is juiced up with four new remixes from Moon Wheel, ju ca, rkss, and TMT fav Euglossine, and 2014’s Voices is getting a much deserved reissue.

• Lief Hall: http://www.liefhall.com
• PHINERY: https://phinery.bandcamp.com


Sumpnoia Panta

Welcome to the Phylogenetic Tree of Life. Welcome to the dentist’s office, to the paintings on the waiting room’s walls. Welcome to the worlds inside those paintings: the hidden surf spots, the lonely but beautiful island, the photogenic lake, the majestic barn, the huge cliff. Inside the dentist’s room, high above, numerous stickers assault you with their advertising and their quick, heedless design. Music is on. It’s not vaporwave. It’s the Jurassic predecessors of vaporwave — soft rock, smooth jazz, and New Age — shaken in a blender on a DJ’s mixing board, massaging you in their familiarity and non-becoming. Telozkope knows how to be there with you in the dentist’s room. He knows how to become the motivational painting, the tourist souvenir, the whiter-than-real smile. His world is not a plastic world, it’s a vaporized one that comes with a pause screen, a box of tissues and a subreddit. We travel, flipping through pages of this National Geographic odyssey. Follow him to the MIDI spa, if you please. There will be champagne and chocolate turtles.

• Telozkope: https://soundcloud.com/telozkope
• Spectral Blissonance LTD: https://spectralblissonance.bandcamp.com

Erik Griswold


Erik Griswold controls the piano like a puppet master. His solo compositions are so illusory as to be some form of corrupt magic – as if he were a traveling performer with a top hat and a push cart, mesmerizing the audience when they realize the puppets have no strings, just tiny clockwork gears, piston arms, automatonic eyebrows. Beneath the shiny black lid of his piano is probably more wonders that bridge the organic/mechanic divide. No wire or strings, but a city of steam-powered houses, dog-walking parks, horse race track, train station, coal mine, and bustling town square. Every person in this little piano city is set into a loop, a snapshot of life, which they repeat, striking their note with an eerily robotic timbre and off-kilter precision of a grandfather clock. Griswold is also an accomplished composer, with many contemporary chamber compositions (think vibraphone) and albums of solo work to his name – but the prepared piano is truly his miniature universe.

The works themselves on Pain Avoidance Machine, his first album for Room40 in more than a decade, are process-orientated snapshots; different configurations of the same instrument that invoke wildly different environments. The scores are meticulous and repetitive, and an immense amount of preparation must have been required for Griswold to achieve the electroacoustic effects on “Over.” The debut video for this track is an inverted domestic scene, but with the music, it is a freakishly brilliant reflection of the wordless symphony of noises we emit and interact with in a humming, buzzing, quantizing world. You can cruise on over to Room40 to stream more songs off the album, and purchase it on a crow’s least favorite music format: the compact disc.

• Erik Griswold: http://www.erikgriswold.org
• Room40 Records: http://room40.limitedrun.com

Beat Detectives


It’s FRIIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Beat Detectives just blasted out a new (almost) 17 minute collage, CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape. Okay, maybe it’s considered more a [modern-day] mixtape, but the busted mentality driven by the beats and tracks upon tracks, organized in a trash-bin both IRL and URL… this mixtape is the future. I’m only two minutes in and Beat Detectives have dropped like a dozen zones already. That’s right: at six zones a minute, minimum, CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape creeps around the block out a brickhouse boom-box in animated, crooked notes, not giving a funk ‘bout yo strut or sense of self (i.e., fashion). Where are you right now? Doesn’t matter, if one of Beat Detectives’ releases from 2015 (Climate Change (TMT Review) or Boogie Chillen / The Hills of Cypress [which made out 2015 second quarter list]) – including CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape – ain’t blaring throughout your ear canals right now, then you got some healing to do. And btw, this is music PR 101 for musicians just tryna get their shit out there: do the work, keep on hustling yourself, and be real.

Snoop below and melt into Beat Detective’s new CHOPIN SCREWED Mixtape:

• Beat Detectives: https://soundcloud.com/beat-detectives


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