Guerilla Toss

“367 Equalizer”

Sound the alarm: new G-Toss video.
*The sound of a chicken cackling escapes from the PA into your basement*
You gather the buds and sit in a crescent formation around the laptop. Play is pressed.
Two minutes in and your pupils are fully dilated.
“What is this even?”
You turn to ask and it turns out that your friends have turned into stuffed animals:
Dragon, tie-dye bear, goat, miniature fireman.
Maybe they were always like that, though.
You remember them talking at some point.
Maybe that was just you.
You propose a toast and they all agree.

“367 Equalizer” is the title track of Guerilla Toss’s single sided 12” on Feeding Tube Records, as well as a now sold-out cassette edition via Infinity Cat Recordings. Its video was animated and directed by Alessandra Hoshor and Addison Adams. Your brain is directed and animated by you yourself, and was formed by zygotes contributed by your parents. Watch a monochrome donut hang in dead space. Watch a watermelon creep into the frame. X. #1. Little purple corvette shakes and ascends to heaven. Alamo Alamo. Cereal mosaic. A wig in the snow.

You wipe off the condensation. You need a nap.

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Nick Storring

Endless Conjecture

An Endless Conjecture. A knot the size of Tennessee. Crosswinds on fire. Painting a hominid without eyes. None pizza with left beef. Nick Storring. Larry Johnson. Candles without wicks being gnawed at by rats. Peace. A toothy smile. Running your fingers along broken pegs. Orange Milk Records. The moon, hung low, ripe and bright, with an underlined smoke-trailed black V over top of its glow. Mock turtlenecks. 2014.

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“Faberge Tear”

Brendan O’Keefe’s Cuticle project holds a special place in my heart: his debut LP, Mother Rhythm Earth Memory was one of the first, if not the first, records I purchased from L.A. label Not Not Fun. In the three years since I don’t think I’ve revisited a record as much as I have with MREM, and those syrupy vibes still get me every time. As luck would have it, Cuticle’s got a new LP, and we’re pleased to present a new track. Mind Holding Pattern carries on the vibe of Brendan’s debut, all while piling on more of those slippery synths and goopy beats. “Faberge Tear,” streaming below, is a dance-driven cut off the record, but do not be fooled, for Mind Holding Pattern is some seriously zoned out future space bachelor pad music. Buy it now via Not Not Fun.

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Nocturnal Dance Concert

Stretching In The Moonlight

I always get a different image in my head of Rob Magill recording/performing. Like, Nocturnal Dance Concert’s usual guitarist, Dan Masiel, is studying for a Ph.D. in some SUPER SPECIFIC history right now at some school in Connecticut or Pennsylvania, and I picture Rob on tenor and Celeste M. Evans on them sticks, in some basement with longing faces, blurring the lines of emotion and musical talents, swaying and thinking of Dan coming to the door with the, “Hey, y’all. I’m back. Screw academics. Let’s JAM!” However, don’t be mistaken with what I’m writing here, ‘cause Stretching In The Moonlight is that rare moment recorded when a band is missing a third, and also longing in musical form, so the diversity is completely within-its-own-time. And recordings like that are undeniable to pass up, and sometimes unforgettable.

Stretch along with Nocturnal Dance Concert on Weird Cry Records in Stretching In The Moonlight, streaming below:

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“Wut U Do (Cromie & Sage Caswell Remix)”

All u silkworms are in for a treat this time around, thanks to American dance duo Newbody. If they are indeed an L.A./Detroit duo as 100% Silk claims, that makes total sense, ‘cuz it captures some of the timeless Detroit-y vibe while going pedal-to-the-L.A.-metal as a late night cruise down an empty 101 (top down), as glamorous as your lover’s earrings hitting a neon light on the Sunset Strip. The track opens with that J-Dilla siren but that and a Detroit connection are about as far as the similarities go. Don’t know where to pin it genre-wise other than “House” x100, lil garage, and a few warbly hi(n)ts of acid tucked deep in the mix for good measure.

The variety of percussion sounds alone and creative use thereof makes this track a total killer. Add in a chugging, mutating bass line, above-the-clouds keys and cool-as-crystal vocal samples, and you got a track that contends with any of this fall’s heaviest hitters. Da bodies mix it up 100 different ways here without getting carried away glitching and twitching and kitsching until winding up with a track that only grooves on some theoretical post-structuralist level. If you have to quote Deleuze for your track review make sense, you probably can’t dance to it. Fuck outta here with your theory bro we’re on the dance floor!

Should I have done some research into Cromie & Sage Caswell? As a writer, yes. As a dancer, not necessarily. This release as a whole marks the fourth release for 100% Silk offshoot House of Silk, which right now is at the top of Papaya’s “Labels to Watch.” Only 150 pressed?!??!!??!!?? Grip it here ASAP!!!!! [Editor’s Note: Agreed, “WATCH” it carefully, as HOS003 is MIA, rn; What was the third House of Silk release??]

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