“Maçaneta” / “Medo”

VICTIM! is pure punishment. Feel the back of your skull splitting like a metal zippered jacket? It’s because that’s really happening, and music is finally physically taring your apart. “Maçaneta” is an excellent example of this visually too, as everything loses and gains color, blurs together and bends it all back into the blood-loss of time and space and mind. It’s all gathering into one puddle of mush:

“Medo” is when VICTIM! points you out as prey. Like the lighting of a new universe, expansion of sound is at a layer maximum: nothing can escape, everything is growing, length is measured with sanity. How long can you look into darkness? Where does the light perpetuate? Multiplicity befuddles every last droplet of thought. Become a part of the end and the beginning:

“Maçaneta” and “Medo” are both taken from TWO separate VICTIM! releases. “Maçaneta” was released on the Italian label Murderabilia Records in VICTIM!’s 503 album, and “Medo” is on Pupila, which was released through Seminal Records, sharing Brazil as both the artist’s and label’s native country.

• Murderabilia Records:
• Seminal Records:

Tinder Olympics


Tinder Olympics has replaced Cokeahontas for my favorite artist name in the game right now. Still all love for you Cokeahontas, but damn y’all: TINDER OLYMPICS. That’s one of those names you see and drop whatever is going on in your life (Work? Responsibilities? Cuckolding?) …for seven minutes it’s you and TO.

Off a double single NASTY / NO MORE Bandcamp drop, “NASTY” bobs a snow-soft piano line fit for the Vince Guaraldi Trio (who, outside of Mariah Carey, made the only holiday album that bangs) in and out of sputtered Biggie lyrics and kicks. We get to the b-side where “NO MORE” dissolves any form recognized on “NASTY.” A crunchy, bumping sweat a.k.a. what an IRL Tinder Olympics would probably fall into.

• Tinder Olympics:
• Tinder Olympics:
• Tinder Olympics:

Fourth World Magazine


In Pacificity Soundvisions second volume of Fourth World Magazine, AR FAUST (film envisioner), Spencer Clark, and David Keenan dare to dive deep into the midst of Pinhead In Fantasia. My favorite part about Spencer Clark releases is their lore; Vol. 2 was constructed in the mindset of a temple pouring liquid gold from it’s sides, and bolts are flying around at violent speeds as Pinheads voice rips through the dreamers psyche. Also, this edition of Fourth World Magazine “is comprised [of] a 12 pg. ART AND TEXT TO BLOW YOUR OWN MIND,” much like The Spectacle Of Light Abductions, but I’m imagining Pinhead In Fantasia to adorn pictures of spiked brooms dancing their last whisk chained above a smoldering pit of blue embers.

The first taste we got from Vol. 2 is “FEMALE CENOBYTE’S DESCENT INTO KOMODO GARDEN.” The image I gather is of this being silhouetted by an island gate, standing before the greenest garden light can refract, and growing from the ground are tails and claws and heads of komodo dragons in all shapes and sizes. However, this female cenobyte is there for interpretation reasons, as if she’s judging Pinhead’s usage of creativity in the Fantasia realm. Here, the hierophant seeks out the sacred mysteries and arcane principles he’s used to build a world of trans-hedonism. Thus, her descent has just begun.

OH! And “FEMALE CENOBYTE’S DESCENT INTO KOMODO GARDEN” is a waltz, so get your box-step on. Also, head to Underwater Peoples (who’s a distributor or “sister” label of Pacificity Soundvisions now) or Pacity Soundions for an LP copy of Pinhead In Fantasia, and BOOK IT to Volcanic Toungue to grip the release’s accompanying DVD and HR GIGER’S STUDIOLO, a “3 HOUR DOUBLE TAPE CASSETTE [that] …IS LIKE MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS ON SPICE,” which are BOTH sold out at the label.

• Pacificity Soundvisions:
• Underwater Peoples:

Pun Collins

“Hummer Seat” / “Blueprints” [teaser video]

Uh, so this Pun Collins track, “Hummer Seat,” is apparently a teaser for an upcoming split Pun C has on Dirty Tapes… with Ahnnu. Yeah, that right. Fuckin’ shit slams, too. Not just hype. Wind chimes get assaulted by searching dial turns as underwater bass and reverbed tings make their presence felt, then smeared in filth drums poke through, and goodness gracious it’s like fire being breathed out of a dragon’s mouth, all while the dragon spits knowledge at you. Clams haven’t been this happy since before we humans discovered pearls. Bank on it.

If that wasn’t enough for your wax-crusted ears, last month Mr. Collins dropped some limited dragon’s breath entitled Blueprints on the Paris based COMA. Blueprints is less beat driven than the teaser to his upcoming split on Dirty Tapes, with Pun Collins (nee Collin Puns) opting more for abstracted loopiness, but its still something to behold. If you’re into obtaining “art” (sigh), the edition of fifteen tapes is down to the last one, so you might want to make haste and send electronic money to France ASAP for the last copy. In addition to the above, below is a teaser video made by chambry for the soon-to-be-gone tape. This was just sorta a teasey post, wouldn’t ya say?

• Pun Collins:
• Pun Collins:
• Dirty Tapes:

Motion Graphics


DISmagazing crushed it this year for PC Music. So what makes Motion Graphics any different? Well, 25 minutes of Screentones and a completely visual element to the entire mix. I ain’t fucking with you, this shit is beyond. Add it to the list of things lost this close to year-end nonsense, but get deeply involved with Motion Graphics’ Screentones immediately by clicking play below:

Track listing:
MOTION GRAPHICS – “Softbank Arcade” (Swiftcode Version)
AM4-Oh! w/ HARUOMI HOSONO – “The Truck on the Sea” (MG EDIT)
CO LA(w/mg) – “SO NY”
FELICITA – “Slavs wi Sparkley Eyes [w/ Roberto Musci – “Hotel Gadgets”]”
DANNY L HARLE – “Sonatina for two bass viols [w/Melodyne & AM4– “Mi-La” (MG Edit)]”
SENTINEL – “T U K__ ヽ(´ー`)ノ♫・–.。. .。.–”
[Motion Graphics scrolling interlude]
ICHIKO- “Quiet Voice” (edit)

• Motion Graphics:
• DISmagazing:


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