Silent Isle

“Conceivable Ways”

the riverwalk challenge was as follows:   not to startle when tennis shoegaze began to jog or sprint.     not to cough up psychedelic blue-green algae blooms skimming his throat.

  to let it be his first and last time saying psychedelic or shoegaze.

He leans back against a styrofoam cooler and remembers the first and last time he entered an eating contest (then, the challenge was not that it be his first and last eating contest–then, the eating contest was the challenge)

  -he continued leaning: his cattle dipped under blue-green blooms.   He slipped into slumber, his straw hat placed over years of sunburn, his stunner at his side.     His cattle dozed off too, after sipping at the blooms, but for a much longer duration.

The effects pedal was left unattended, as he retraced his steps, attempting to locate the stunner he’d absent-mindedly left by the pond (might have been the Rio Grande). This absent-mindedness was a part of a grand stupor, a result of his slumber–the alpha state, but “Coming out of it the wrong way,” in a haze, wondering where his stunner was; where were his tennis shoes for that matter?

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Andreas Brandal

A Switch In Time

I work with this guy who will walk up to you and straight up continue the conversation he’s been having in his head with you. For real. Take the other day for example. He sees me passing by and goes, “So Mary found another channel on the TV last night. It was pretty cool. Yeah, they play old movies. You know, older movies. Black and white. Yeah, they were playing…” and so on (I assume Mary is his wife/girlfriend). It’s always disorienting, but also always fascinating, no matter how mundane the topic is. Another time he found out that Kevin Sorbo is from Minnesota, and he lost his shit and told everybody that walked by him that Kevin Sorbo was from Minnesota. I don’t know why this was such a revelation, but it had a profound impact on him. He also has a Chuck Norris folder which he keeps papers in.

Andreas Brandal’s newest cassette, A Switch In Time, reminds me of this guy. As soon as you press play, you begin to be privy to a one sided conversation which reveals sonic landscapes mapped out by a foreign spaceship’s digital dashboard. It’s all so wonderful and bizarre and personal and strange. Imbedded in Brandal’s brain must be untold lands, demolished cities, smoking towers, and various other ruins which he effortlessly scores with his array of synths. Thankfully, he records these jams and passes them to us as we walk by him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stream the whole thing below via Oxtail Recordings Bandcamp page, and cop a cassette right here (which is just a link to Oxtail’s Bandcamp, so you could just access it below by bypassing that link and right clicking the embed and open a new tab. You’re smart. You can figure it out. The hell you need my links for? Jeesh!).

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Spires that in the Sunset Rise


Veteran outre-folk combo Spires That in the Sunset Rise have made a name for themselves in the experimental avant-garde largely by sticking to a relatively firm base of what lazy writers (perhaps now hate to) call “freak folk.” But the duo of Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson (plus an ever-rotating cast of collaborators) always hinted at something a little more ancient than that term might imply. They’re of course much less Animal Collective or Devendra Banhart and much more… let’s call it traditional.

Frankly, I never really considered them very freaky to begin with; the music has always hinged on its unique sets of instrumentation, using strings, winds, and the like to circle around meditative dances, ballads, hushed whispers of something of an older, perhaps mythical (or Middle-?) Earth. But on their new album Beasts in the Garden, the two dig out their high school band instruments (Baird primarily on the flute, and Peterson honking a saxophone), and the weird-factor is sufficiently amped, thrusting the music into something that, while defying a temporal specificity, still feels more modern at its core. Turning to minimalism and improvisational jazz as a main sources for inspiration (Terry Riley and Alice Coltrane in equal measure from the sound of it, the results bringing to mind an agitated version of Arthur Russell’s Tower of Meaning) has pushed the Spires into daring, hypnotic new territory with a bizarre chorale figure from the winds serving as a musical backdrop for Baird’s bracing operatic vocal delivery that’ll give your nightmares nightmares.

We’ve got the drop on this extremely psychedelic video to go along with the music from album highlight “Schluss,” which was created by Brooklyn-based visual artist and musician Camilla Padgitt-Coles – if you can’t quite tell which way the melodies are heading (left, right? Up, down? Wait, melodies – really?), trying to figure out what is what color in this thing could be a fun exercise for your already-crossed eyes.

Spires That in the Sunset Rise are heading out on a European tour in September. Check the dates here.

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Winter’s Diary 3

As producers drop heat and webzines publish their shitty top summer jams, Tink uploads 10 tracks of cold beats, subzero bass, and chill vocals to cut through the wretched humidity. But don’t worry about things cooling off too much — yep, still going with this cheesy metaphor — because people are also saying the mixtape is “fire” and “lit asf.” Whatever the actual temperature, Tink’s latest mixtape finds her working the vocals assist-free, with a host of producers like C Sick, DJ Wes, Jelan Abrams, and Timbaland (of course) on the boards.

Damn, that does sound lit asf.

Stream and/or download Winter’s Diary 3 here:

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“Slow Glide”

Direct from good-old Mukqs’ label Hausu Mountain comes the hot new “Slow Glide” video, visualizing the fourth track off Potions newest cassette, Light and Dark. And, as the beginning looks like a really bad (but AMAZING) .gif, the rest of this video I CANNOT HANDLE! Just fear of getting food/sticky on me. But WAIT! It’s the removal of this liquid? Fuck, I dunno, it’s intense, but definitely in conjunction with warping and wrapping of the beat, entangling the directional flow of visuals and my avant dance routine. Oh, you ain’t got a dance for the newest Potions album, Light and Dark on Hausu? Because, not only have I given a productive dance composition to the brilliance of each track, but I sent em into Hausu, hoping they do something with it. Or did I?

The FUCK you still reading for? Light and Dark by Potions is still available through Hausu Mountain, and “Slow Glide” will change you. Watch above and feel the evolution of human, instantly!

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