Panda Bear unexpectedly drops new EP, confirms release date for Meets the Grim Reaper

It’s been over 12 years since Panda Bear announced the existence of Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, his anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Tomboy. And now, finally, after over 12 years (like I said in the first sentence), we have some concrete news via Panda Bear’s Twitter: not only is the album’s release date confirmed for January 13, but he’s also revealed the existence of a brand new EP, titled Mr Noah.

In addition to the title track, which comes off Meets the Grim Reaper, the EP includes three non-album B-sides: “Faces in the Crowd,” “Untying the Knot,” and “This Side of Paradise.” It’s out now via iTunes (which helpfully lists two associated genres: “Alternative” and “Music”) or as an instant download if you pre-order through Domino. Check out the track’s video below and the tracklisting for both releases even further below:

Mr Noah EP tracklist:
01. Mr Noah
02. Faces In The Crowd
03. Untying the Knot
04. This Side Of Paradise

Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper tracklist:
01. Sequential Circuits
02. Mr Noah
03. Davy Jones’ Locker
04. Crosswords
05. Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker
06. Boys Latin
07. Come To Your Senses
08. Tropic of Cancer
09. Shadow of the Colossus
10. Lonely Wanderer
11. Principe Real
12. Selfish Gene
13. Acid Wash

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R.Seiliog announces new LP In Hz, tries to explain what a velcro vortex is

Coming from the hustle and bustle of North Wales, musician/producer R.Seilog a.k.a. Robin Edwards has announced his debut LP for the Turnstile label, titled In Hz. Following the psych-leaning forays of the Shuffles EP and Doppler’s krautrock pulse, In Hz skews toward the techno end of the spectrum, while still maintaining a kosmiche feel. It’s minimal, aggressive stuff, but remains innocent and expansive like some early synth pioneers.

Inspired by French composer Pierre Schaeffer’s “Solfège De L’Objet Sonore,” unconventional tunings, and “the alchemy of resonance,” it seems that Edwards has found a way to transmute highbrow taste into a more universal style. His lead single, “Velcro for Vortex,” has all the trappings of a lush techno cut, but finds ways to incorporate gorgeous found sounds and also crafts builds that bleed into noise territory. Basically, if you played this on a dancefloor, people would be able to keep time with the steady rhythm, but they might feel a little odd doing it. In Hz is out January 12, which means it’ll probably get overlooked in the big boys’ year-end lists, so stick some velcro to your vortex and help a Welsh brother out.

In Hz tracklist:

01. Mt. Essa
02. Velcro for Vortex
03. Cymatic Modes
04. Wow Signal
05. Constellation Drip
06. Peripheral Thermal (Left)
07. Peripheral Thermal (Right)
08. Inertia

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Arandel demarcates the hell out of his next LP, shares new track “Section 11”

It’s not exactly unusual to come across an artist who shirks the public eye in favor of making their music the centerpiece, but if we take a moment to place a dim spotlight on the French Arandel, one quickly realizes how folks like Marcus Eoin and Mike Sandison really don’t know shit about modesty. Being selective and/or universally exclusionary when it comes to doing interviews is one common method of shifting attention away from the person(s), but Arandel… he’s taking lack-of-pretense to levels rivaled only by the unexcitable sloth (whom his mask sort of resembles), if the sloth took things down a notch by evolving camouflage fur. The inconspicuousness extends deeper, too…

Separate from the concealed identity, Arandel’s musical work is said to deliberately avoid production “tricks.” In this rare interview, he claims a total unfamiliarity with Logic and associated plug-ins, and his 2012 debut album In D was composed entirely through the sampling of live instruments. Widely praised that album was, and with the upcoming Solarispellis (out November 24), there’s no sign of a shift in philosophy, even if there may be a shift in style:

Blatantly electronic-sounding! No-frills production is all the more impressive when it leads to colorful and complex tracks like the above. I’m on the verge of fetishizing confetti.

Solarispellis tracklisting:

01. Opening Section
02. Section 7
03. Section 11
04. Interlude (Variation on Section 12)
05. Section 9
06. Section 10 (1st & 2nd Movements)
07. Section 13
08. Interlude (Variation on Section 6)
09. Section 12
10. Section 10 (3rd Movement)
11. Section 8
12. Finale Section

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Record Store Day Black Friday ’14 exclusives announced, giving the mild-mannered record buying public a chance to get in on the violence and hysteria

Haven’t you heard? Black Friday isn’t just for seekers of oversized electronics and department store apparel anymore. No, this year it’s for your regular, blue collar, average Joe vinyl lovers too. Once again Record Store Day has slipped its way into November, throwing the name “Record Store Day” itself into question, and giving your local record store the exciting opportunity to be host to fights, tramplings, and shootings over unnecessary products, just like the bigwigs of the shopping world.

This year’s crop of releases includes new offerings from St. Vincent, The Flaming Lips, CHVRCHES, and Jenny Lewis, as well as reissues of The Beatles, Aaliyah, Game Theory, and Hüsker Dü, and a whole host of other things that are sure to fit in your record collection between other records like records tend to do. On top of that there’s a 7-inch picture disc of a song from the movie Frozen, so yeah, there’s going to be some bloodshed this holiday season. Check out the full list of releases here.

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Sébastien Tellier announces quartet of North American dates, in pursuit of magical spell uniting the four elements

Hear me out on this one: French musician Sébastien Tellier may be trying to destroy the world. Don’t leave. I’ll explain.

As any idiot knows, there are four elements of nature. These are wind, earth, fire, and water. But what if these four disparate elements became united as one? Man has long wondered this. I have the answer, though: the summoning of Chr’durost, an ancient demon set on engulfing our world in magma.

Now, Sébastien Tellier is playing four North American dates in December. I have reason to believe these four dates represent the four elements. The first, snowy Montreal, embodies the frozen form of water. The second, New York City, suggests fire, due to the fiery ambitions of its residents. The third, San Francisco, is wind, because San Francisco can be windy. And the massive sprawl of Los Angeles, site of the final date, is akin to earth.

Uncover Sébastien’s plot in the video for “Love” off his recent album L’Aventura. The clip recently premiered on Nowness, possibly as a means to warn humankind of Tellier’s plot. If you watch it, you shall see the clues.

Sébastien Tellier dates:

12.01.14 - Montreal, QC - Société des Arts Technologiques
12.02.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
12.05.14 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
12.06.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy

• Sébastien Tellier:

Full of Hell and Merzbow plan collaborative album on Profound Lore that stretches my capacity to make food analogies

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that though I have no idea how to really cook much of anything, I’m a whiz at whipping up cooking metaphors for talking about albums. For example: what do you get when you add two cups East Coast grindcore, a liberal spritzing of legendary Japanoise cone ripping, and a dash of pretty cool metal record label? Why, a Full of Hell & Merzbow collaborative album on Profound Lore, of course! Haha! What a great way to introduce this album, am I right?! It’s almost like the method itself just came out of the oven and is piping hot and ready to be eaten!

On November 25, the sound soup that is Full of Hell & Merzbow will be out on Profound. It will be hot and it will be well seasoned and it will go well with certain types of garlic bread. Do not spill it on your shirt or you will catch hell from your mom later on the way to the wedding you are traveling to with your family. The difference between soup and this album, however, is that this album will no doubt be one of the most brutal things you put into your ear holes in the year of 2014. How often can you say that about soup? Almost never. If you pre-order the album, you’ll get an immediate download of two tracks from the album, “Gordian Knot” and “Blue Litmus.” The CD version also comes with a bonus five-song piece entitled “Sister Faun,” which extends the word the artists did together on the album. If this album were really food, I would invite you to order it now, but because it is an album, I will invite you rather to pre-order it, even though at most restaurants when you order food you are also kind of pre-ordering if you think about it.

If you’re in the mood to get pummeled, listen to “Gordian Knot” and be sure to check out Full of Hell on their upcoming dates listed below.

Full of Hell & Merzbow tracklist:

01. Burst Synapse
02. Gordian Knot
03. Humming Miter
04. Blue Litmus
05. Raise Thee, Great Wall, Bloody and Terrible
06. Thrum in the Deep
07. Shattered Knife
08. Mute
09. High Fells
10. Ludjet Av Gud
11. Fawn Heads and Unjoy


11.03.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
11.04.14 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage
11.05.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
11.06.14 - Holyoke, MA - Waterfront Tavern
11.07.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus
11.08.14 - Dayton, OH - Rock Star Arena
11.09.14 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
11.10.14 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme
11.11.14 - Indianapolis, IN - 5th Quarter Lounge
11.13.14 - Atlanta, GA - 529
11.14.14 - Savannah, GA - The Jinx
11.15.14 - St. Petersburg, FL - Local 662
12.03.14 - Newcastle, New South Wales - The Small Ballroom
01.02.15 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
01.31.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Atlas Bar
05.21.15 - Baltimore, MD - Maryland Deathfest

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• Merzbow:
• Profound Lore:

Swans announce new EP for November, the circle of life spins ever onward

“Uh oh, Swans just announced a new EP. What are we going to do?”

Above is a fragment of conversations that would literally never occur within the four imaginary walls of Tiny Mix Tapes because, look: Swans announce a new EP and we announce that they announced it. Then probably on Twitter somewhere a dude with a cat as his avatar announces that we announced that they announced it somewhere else, a snake eats its tail and still somewhere else Michael Gira does whatever mysterious things he does when he’s not playing music that sounds like it would eat the Earth whole if it could. It’s the circle of life. Like in the popular Disney lion saga The Lion King.

The particular new Swans EP that I’m going to presently start announcing about is called Oxygen, and it contains the song “Oxygen” four times in four different versions. “Oxygen,” if you are bad with names, is a song from Swans’ To Be Kind, which, if you are bad with albums, is an album by a band called Swans that came out earlier this year. The album version of “Oxygen” is not contained on Oxygen. Instead, the EP contains an edit of the song by Mute founder Daniel Miller, a demo version recorded at Michael Gira’s house (where I would be willing to guess he does mysterious life things sometimes), an acoustic version, and a live version from Primavera. The whole deal will be out digitally November 25 via Young God and Mute. Scope the edited version below.

Oxygen tracklist:

01. Oxygen (Edit)
02. Oxygen (Live at Primavera)
03. Oxygen (Early Version)
04. Oxygen (Acoustic Version)

• Swans:
• Young God:
• Mute:

Robedoor tour Europe, bringing FUN to the Eastern Hemisphere

Here’s a little bit of industry insider information for you, the reader. You know the label Not Not Fun, right? Of course you do. Well, their name, it actually means fun. I know, I know, you thought it meant a lack of fun. But, no, that’s a double negative. So it’s NOT not fun, ergo it is fun. Maybe you weren’t ready to understand this.

Whether you get it or not, Not Not Fun duo Robedoor are bringing MASSIVE FUN to the continent of Europe. Get ready, the Eastern Hemisphere! The fun boys are on patrol! They’ll be playing nine dates as part of their “Nine Gates” tour. You understand? Nine dates? Nine gates? The phrases are similar. Now, again: Not Not Fun means fun. Okay?

Robedoor dates:

10.31.14 - Nantes, France - Soy Festival
11.01.14 - Lyon, France - Le Sonic
11.02.14 - Milan, Italy - Macao
11.03.14 - Strasbourg, France - Stimultania
11.04.14 - Geneva, Switzerland - Cave 12
11.05.14 - Bergen, Norway - Landmark
11.06.14 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Bourg
11.07.14 - Brussels, Belgium - Rumsteek
11.08.14 - Paris, France - L’Olympic

• Robedoor:
• Not Not Fun:

Ariel Pink shares new track “Black Ballerina,” announces 2015 North American tour dates

I’ve always seen Ariel Pink as the Rauschenberg of late 2000s’ hypnagogic boom. Not only because of the chronological precedence (The Doldrums came out nine years before the glow/chill craze of 2009), but the abysmal difference between the qualities of Pink’s music and that of his imitators and heirs. A bit like what happened with some pop art, articulated following Rauschenberg’s antiartistic Combine Paintings, but in reality just riffing on its most superficial signifiers. So, imagine a lithographed Lichtenstein when listening to the late-2000s bands that embraced Pink’s music’s hedonistic vacuity, commercial pop nostalgia, and slumbered memories, but missed its absurdist-pop heart.

Last September, completing his decade-long transition from outsider pop savant to Paw Tracks protégé and unlikely indie darling, Ariel Pink announced his third album, pom pom, a double LP produced by Kim Fowley and due November 18 via 4AD, as you may remember. Little over a month from its release date, Pink has shared the album’s second single, “Black Ballerina.” But do not be fooled; Pink is not ready to pull a Degas on us, extending the previous paragraph’s pictorial analogy, but most importantly the rosy, near jangle pop of pom pom’s first cut “Put Your Number in My Phone”: “Black Ballerina” is a freaky jam about going to a topless bar. Certainly, a song that manages to strike an odd balance between the gnarly pop of Pink’s cassette years and the performatic, longer pieces of 2012’s Mature Themes. You can stream “Black Ballerina” below.

Aware of how much a track like this would spark our interest, Pink has also announced his 2015 North American tour dates, which you can check out after the vid.

Tour dates:

11.17.14 - London, UK - Scala
11.28.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Regent Theater
01.24.15 - Melbourne, Australia - Sugar Mountain Festival
01.25.15 - Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane Show
01.28.15 - Sydney, Australia - Oxford Arts Factory
01.29.15 - Perth, Australia - The Bakery
02.07.15 - San Francisco, CA - Bimbo’s
02.09.15 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne
02.10.15 - Seattle, WA - Neumo’s
02.11.15 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw
02.13.15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
02.14.15 - Denver, CO - Bluebird
02.16.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line
02.17.15 - Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall
02.18.15 - Detroit, MI - Crofoot Ballroom
02.19.15 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix
02.20.15 - Montreal, PQ - National
02.21.15 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
02.23.15 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
02.24.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
02.25.15 - New York, NY - Terminal 5

• Ariel Pink:
• 4AD:

Numero Group plans massive joke instruction manual collection of Scharpling & Wurster’s Best Show on WFMU

Listen, don’t laugh, but I’m not sure that I know what a joke is. Not technically anyhow. No one ever told me. Some day I hope to learn, and I believe I eventually will. In all likelihood I will learn with the help of certain educational materials such as the recently announced box-set of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster’s Best Show on WFMU via the Numero Group. I tell you what, these fellas know jokes. They know ‘em inside and out, like a reversible hat or one of those sandwiches from KFC where the meat acts like the bread. I trust them to teach me.

As such, I have taken it upon myself to write a relatively random string of words boosting the media presence of their recently announced box-set via the Numero Group in hopes that some of my words might accidentally become jokes. (KFC sandwiches? hats?) Anyhow, the box set is a pretty “big deal” (are those quote marks jokes? Am I doing jokes now?!): it contains over 20 hours of phone calls from the show across 16 CDs (there’s also a USB stick included with the whole set plus four additional hours of unreleased material on it). The box will also contain a whole gaggle of other materials including a hardback book with essays by Patton Oswalt, Julie Klausner, Damian Abraham, AP Mike, and an extensive interview with Jake Fogelnest; paper dolls, post-cards, and temporary tattoos.

The whole thing will be released on March 17 of next year. And, best of all, if you pre-order the album right now, you’ll get… actually, I’ll let the boys themselves tell you in their promotional video below. Suffice it to say, my takeaway is that some essential elements in all joking are telephones, good friends, and a sack.

• Scharpling & Wurster:
• Numero Group:



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