Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi is releasing Causers of This next Tuesday (February 2) on Carpark.

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Animal Collective

ODDSAC (trailer)

Animal Collective’s ODDSAC (directed by Danny Perez and Animal Collective) premieres tonight at the Sundance Film Festival, but you can check out a trailer for the movie here:

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Joanna Newsom


As we recently reported over at TMT News, Joanna Newsom’s triple LP, Have One On Me, is due February 23. Check out the track “‘81” streaming at Drag City (in the upper-right corner).

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Florent Ghys

“Clignotants” and “Coma Carus”

French composer Florent Ghys has created some videos to coincide with the release of his new EP, Baroque Tardif: Soli, released today, digitally and physically, on the venerable Cantaloupe Music, home to the equally venerable Bang On A Can family. Check them out. NOW.


“Coma Carus”:

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Oneohtrix Point Never

“Russian Mind”

Oneohtrix Point Never made #4 on our Favorite 50 Albums of 2009. Here’s why:

From Daniel Lopatin (a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never):

The physicality of Nate’s work is what grabbed me, and the ways in which his videos seem to creep into your nervous system and trigger a wealth of retinal datatrash which is completely ancillary to the raw visual content presented in the videos on their own. In other words what you’re experiencing is the pooled reality of your own internal psychedelic engine and Nate’s. This isn’t unlike the binaural brainwave effect of certain OPN recordings. Also I think that on some level, we’re both invested in the idea that artistic pejoratives are largely contextual, and that by embedding fully-formed or culturally codified styles and technologies into our own personal systems, we strive to go beyond whats implicit about them historically.

Check out “Russian Mind” on Rifts, out now on No Fun Productions.

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The White Stripes

Under Great White Northern Lights (trailer)

The White Stripes box set, Under Great White Northern Lights, is set for release March 16. The trailer above is for the documentary (of the same name) included in the set, which also contains a double LP/CD of live material, an exclusive 7-inch, a silkscreened print, and a photography book.

• The White Stripes:


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