Whaaaaaat the fuck is up February? Month #2 and hot off the heals of new music is Ahnnu’s Couch on Culture Dealer. And what’s all this about cyberfuck, bathdub, infra-pop, and lost&found? I do-not-know-EITHER, but mixtape magic mastery is getting weirder, and Ahnnu is right there with it. Examples: Heat Wave, Ferrari Jackson, Mathewdavid, Ohbliv, etc. It’s hard not to get enough of this lounge/warped wabs vibe, which currently soars past hypnagogic-fiddle-faddle &mdash, and it’s so far becoming a staple of mine in 2012. Feel me? #virtuality

• Ahnnu: http://ahnnu.bandcamp.com
• Culture Dealer: http://culturedealer.com

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