The Antlers


Burst Apart, the follow-up to Hospice (TMT Review), is due May 10 via Frenchkiss. Check out the stream of “Parentheses” above.

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Jeremy Jay

Dream Diary [full-album stream]

Jeremy Jay’s new album, Dream Diary, is due next Tuesday, April 12, on K Records. In a wise move, Jay is currently offering the full album as a stream. According to TMT’s Rowan Savage (whose review of the album will be up shortly), “Jay has the fragility, beauty and occasional majesty of any of the Sarah Records roster, without the frustratingly cultivated naiveté or humorlessness.” Agreed.

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Emanuele Errante

“Dorian’s Mirror” [NSFW]

Emanuele Errante’s Time Elapsing Handheld was released in early March on Karaoke Kalk. This NSFW video for “Dorian’s Mirror” is, well, NSFW. Don’t worry. It’ll be our little secret.

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“Sea of the Infinite Wave feat. Myka 9 & Ceschi”

Comments from the Noah23 Soundcloud:

faster than hell

faster than fuck

faster than shit

Noah’s new album Fry Cook On Venus was released a few days ago on Fake Four Records, home to beloved underground rappers Ceschi and Myka 9, who also guest on “Sea of the Infinite Wave.”

Noah23- Sea of the Infinite Wave feat. Myka 9 & Ceschi by Noah23

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Christina Kubisch

“Magnetic Flights”

On April 26, Christina Kubisch, among the first generation of sound artists, will release Mondo Fluido and Magnetic Flights, both excellent album titles and probably excellent albums, too. The former is a collection of two unreleased works, while the latter features two new compositions. The title track from Magnetic Flights is streaming above… and in your heart. [Sniff sniff]

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Title Tracks

“All Tricks”

D.C.’s Title Tracks, featuring John Davis of the now defunct groups Q And Not U and Georgie James, have a new album, In Blank, due April 19 on Ernest Jennings.

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[Photo: Shervin Lainez]


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