Bonglestar Galactabong
“At Night”

If it’s OK with you guys, I’m just going to keep sharing Bonglestar Galactabong tracks as long as he keeps uploading them. Here’s a new one I’m inclined to let his own SoundCloud tagging describe for me, mostly because I’m lazy and trying to sit here high while enjoying “At Night” uninterrupted, something stuff like thinking and Chocolate Grinder typing can easily get in the way of doing freely. Therefore, in the SoundCloud-tagged words of Mr. Galactabong himself, here is what “At Night” is kind of like:

smoke a bowl

Done. That was easy. Stream “At Night” below and feel them tags:

• Bonglestar Galactabong:

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

“Untitled” (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire just released Kismet: Blue Edition mixtape, festooned with some new commentary, bonus tracks, and some super-creepy album art. One of the recently-unveiled tracks is his”Untitled” collaboration with Chance The Rapper. “Untitled” is a woozy, slow-burning jam that could totally pass for dancehall if you were listening to riding a rift in the space-time continuum. The warped, liminal synth samples are barely present, cutting off without warning and giving plenty of leeway to the freakish screams that frequently pop up in the periphery. eXquire uses Dot Da Genius’ disorienting track as the fulcrum for his own ambles through the ambiguous (“How you court your demons with the same lips that you kiss your mama with? Suck vagina with?”) and the angsty (“Should I really give my soul to y’all?”). It’s not a total downer, though — Chance’s silly, stoned theatrics on the hook lend the entire track a blissful cadence that makes it easy to forget that its creators are grappling with some stark moral dilemmas. Hey, nobody ever said they were lacking passion.

Stream “Untitled” by Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire featuring Chance The Rapper below:

• Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire:
• Chance The Rapper:

Diamond Black Hearted Boy

zᵉʳº / “Jacksonville Extended Stay Hotel Selfish Intellectual Blues”

Diamond Black Hearted Boy (a.k.a. Chino Amobi) has just dropped a three-track follow-up to his bizarre Father, Protect Me album from earlier this year. While that release explored an intoxicatingly ineffable darkness through various stylistic, dissociative permutations, his new release (whose cover art features model Barbara Palvin, for no apparent reason) is much more straightforward but no less weird: each song consists of someone on loop saying “zero,” with the occasional ambient swell and whispered “I miss you” peppered throughout. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, all three tracks are the same, despite their titles indicating different versions. But this is perhaps DBHB’s oblique strategy, underscoring the very important idea that even repetition is a form of change.

Meanwhile, Diamond Black Hearted Boy also just updated his SoundCloud account with a new track called “Jacksonville Extended Stay Hotel Selfish Intellectual Blues.” It’s really quite amazing. I’ll spare you my interpretation and let you just bathe in it:

• Diamond Black Hearted Boy:

Waka Flocka Flame

From Roaches To Rollies

Prepare to get your FLEX on, because Waka Flocka Flame is back with a new mixtape!! From Roaches to Rollies goes so hard in the paint you might as well call him the rap-game Jackson Pollock. The mixtape’s 15 tracks span the whole spectrum of intensity, from HARD (“7 Days of the Week”) to HARDER (“Alpo”) to “OH DID HE JUST DISS GUCCI MANE? YES HE DID!” (“Ice Cream Cone”). That diss track will inevitably draw a ton of traffic, given Gucci’s recent fulfillment of his long-anticipated transformation into “that guy,” and hearing the Brick Squad overlord go psychoanalytical in his digs is an experience that’s as awesome as you’d expect: “All in your feelings, all in your emotions,” hypothesizes Waka Flocka Freud, “Just for attention/ you cause all of this commotion.” By contrast, Flocka has got it all under control: spitting his rager-ready rhymes over beats that shudder and sweat like the participants of a middle school dance gone terribly, terribly wrong. Fun stuff!

Listen to Waka Flocka Flame’s newest mixtape From Roaches to Rollies below, hosted by DJ Scream:

• Waka Flocka Flame:
• Brick Squad Monopoly:

Armand Hammer

“Shark Fin Soup”

The first dish of Armand Hammer’s heavily anticipated Race Music has been served. Named for a once-popular Chinatown delicacy soon to be semi-banned in New York, “Shark Fin Soup” is a mouth-watering appetizer prepping our palates for more locally-flavored, internationally-informed cuisine to come. Locavores and culinarians delight, as woods and Elucid plate their finest courses in Iron Chef-style competition.

The single – streaming below – has almost nothing to do with food. Race Music comes out on CD October 22, but reservations are available here. Order up!

• Backwoodz Studioz:
• billy woods:
• Elucid:

Chocolate Grinder Mix 92

The Mario Coin Mix

Last year, I posted a mix of 10 songs that sample the sound of a gun cocking (you know, that “chk chk” sound), but it was terribly timed: it coincided with the day of the Dark Knight shooting. While I’ve already collected enough gun-cock tracks to do a couple more this year, I’ve decided to challenge myself instead with an even more obscure sample: that cute, chimey little sound effect heard when Mario, ever the capitalist, grabs a coin.

First off, I love that sound (who doesn’t?) — not only for nostalgic reasons but also because, in the context of the sampling world of electronic-based musics, it now vaguely signifies achievement, using a simple two-note melody (B to G) that can be easily appropriated for both its cultural resonance and its harmonic potential.

Second, I just barely found enough songs to constitute a mix. There were 8-bit tracks and joke-y songs that I could’ve included, but I wanted a mix that I’d actually listen to. In fact, I cut out this $yrup remix track at the 11th hour because it was so annoying to hear on repeat. Luckily, the rest I genuinely do enjoy, and I think they all make great use of the Mario coin: the classic version can be heard on tracks by Sugar C, Paisley Parks, and Tedy, and the newer version on a track by Co La. It’s pitched down on “Coins For The Canopy” by Maximillion Dunbar, one of two artists (the other being Paisley Parks) who use the coin to signify its monetary nature, and it’s so heavily effected by Huerco S. and Quiet Evenings that I’m not even sure they’re sampling it (update: neither are).

But my two favorite uses of the Mario coin come at the end of the mix, where TONY FERARRI (a.k.a. SP wiz aaronmaxwell) has the audacity to chop the coin mid-sample and where Lil B, like on the gun-cock mix, concludes the mix with a humorously absurd, surreal deployment.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Sugar C - “12 VAPORIZER” [prod. VHS LOGOS]
[01:09] Co La - “Melter’s Delight”
[04:42] Paisley Parks - “We Got”
[07:05] Heurco S. - “Hopewell (Devil)”
[07:40] Tedy - “Hashclub Party”
[09:31] Maxmillion Dunbar - “Coins For The Canopy”
[14:40] Quiet Evenings - “A Blue Dream” [excerpt]
[20:31] Lil B - “1000 Bitches”


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