Dan Svizeny
“Sandra Court”

Vauled ceilings and guys eyes like man eggs. Gettin’ hardly any sunlight, vegetables are barely squeaking out green from the ground, but are mistaken as weeds, so they get whacked. The maintenance guy sees a peak from the blinds, and lobs a snowball at the window. Rob out on the patio since 7 AM smoking off half a pack; drinking equal parts beer and Gatorade. “Sandra Court” was being yelled about the warrior woman last night as she took it to the rim hard: 21! Passin’ round that roach behind trees two stories high. Bug out on the wire fries in the warm neon. Wash room buzzes a bunch, but mostly massaging the wall. “God bless!”

Dan was there too. “Dan?” Yo, Dan Svizeny. Yung Dan Svizeny, you know? Shit, he cataloged the entire spring. Heard it’s echoing back the end of February. February 28 to be exact. On a putty-colored hand-stamped tape. You can pre-order it here through Mirror Universe Tapes. The memories will come flooding in. Be there again! Listen to baller jam “Sandra Court” below:

• Dan Svizeny: https://soundcloud.com/cough-cool
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com



Sometimes the tags are enough. Like a resumé for musicians. #Golden Donna #Not Not Fun #Madison #modular synth #tape manipulation. And, here I spend all this time filling in the sentences between the tags and hyperlinks, as if you need more convincing. Fine, I won’t bore you with the literature. I’ll make this quick. Signal Dreams, the new Madison-based label from Golden Donna boyo Joel Shanahan, specializes in weirdo synth and tape experiments via limited edition CDr releases. Anverloss, their most recent release, from Andrew Fitzpatrick’s Noxroy project, combines twelve tracks of minimal synthesized textures. The result is something that fills in the space between the lines of those hash tags. But then again, I suppose that is kind of the point: providing a unique meaning to the signifiers we shortlist to describe it, and creating something more complete than the sum of its #parts.

Anverloss is available now over at the Signal Dreams Bandcamp page.

• Noxroy: http://noxroy.bandcamp.com
• Signal Dreams: http://signaldreams.bandcamp.com

Gang Wizard

“Ugly American”

“Aye, man. What that is you wearin’? That ain’t beach wear,” says a street vendor pointing up and down at an “Ugly American.” The “Ugly American” barks back. Vendor stands and stares as the “Ugly American” walks slowly into the raging ocean. Waves pummel the “Ugly American” into the shore. Sand is everywhere.

Gang Wizard has been puking out the jams for about 19 years now. They’ve a slew of releases put out by only the best labels, including Load and Ecstatic Peace, while having constantly evolved musically and physically throughout the years. Now, they’re proud to present their magic to Earth by way of Important Picnic, their fifth “proper” full-length LP. And it’s such an Important Picnic, they’ve gone to MIE MUSIC and demanded (maybe) their music be ingested at any time, any day, on any blanket, using any basket.

“HELL YES!” these tracks chew on ears. Take “Ugly American” for example. I’ve had it on repeat since 9 AM, it’s 11:31 AM now, and I’ve been having a hectic morning. So, “Ugly American” has been quite the soundtrack to frantic edits and e-mails I’ve been receiving at my day job. People are fucking crazy. Gang Wizard is probably crazier, but much more in the musical maniac sense, rather than general insanity of typical people. I digress.

None-the-less, Important Picnic by Gang Wizard crawls out the MIE MUSIC womb March 3 (my pop’s birthday) on LP and/or digital, and you can pre-order here. Throw a party. In the mean time, listen to “Ugly American” below:

• Gang Wizard: http://deathbombarc.com/gangwizard.htm
• MIE MUSIC: http://mie.limitedrun.com

djjd sports

“bath 1”

In a recent cover-piece, Archy Marshall (a.k.a. djjd sports, a.k.a. King Krule) mentioned that one of the best parts of his current living situation is being able to make beats in the bath. Though Marshall released a similar 10-minute-plus, low-key instrumental viber entitled “batch 1” three months ago, his latest “bath 1” feels more than a clever removal of the c. I digress: a few days ago, the beloved King Krule recently dropped a 12-and-a-half minute mix of experimental instrumental hip-hop: “bath 1”. The mix(tape) amplifies Marshall’s brilliant musical aptitude, expanding his jazzy-rock swoons to transcendentally smokey hip-hop. “bath 1” smells really dank; I fuck with his lifestyle, so to speak.

• djjd sports: https://soundcloud.com/djjdsports

Mac DeMarco

“Let My Baby Stay” [a short film recorded at 180 Creative Lab]

1) Fuck Mac DeMarco.
2) If you’re big on reselling vinyl and/or cassettes, ALWAYS buy DeMarco on analog ‘cause you’ll consistently triple the price of it’s original cost.
3) Canal180 had a fun idea with this video.
4) Yeah, TMT is a tad late on this video, but so what…
5) ….fuck Mac DeMarco

• Mac DeMarco: http://macdemarco.bandcamp.com
• Canal180: http://www.canal180.pt

Andrew Weathers & Eric Perreault


Over the last few years, Andrew Weathers & Eric Perreault have quietly been exploring the intersection between American primitivism and reductionist composition. Each release has been constructed quickly using minimal materials and each has illustrated a different relationship between the source instruments of old, weird Americana and the technology and space of modern experimental composition. In Since/Sense, the duo pair back even more from previous efforts and create a beautiful record of concertina (or harmonica) and synth drones. Weathers & Perreault understand how similarly these instruments are to one another and play with their timbral relationships throughout by creating a nearly singular sound out of organic drones and electronic arpeggios. Each composition revels in stasis which allows the listener to focus on these sonic similarities while slowly shifting in melody and harmony. As a result, Since/Sense comes off sounding like the similarly minded work of Mind Over Mirrors mixed with a heavy dose of Michael Pisaro’s spacious minimalism.

Since/Sense by Weathers & Perreault is available as a name your price download from the duo’s bandcamp page. You can stream the record in it’s entirety below:

• Andrew Weathers & Eric Perreault http://www.weathersperreault.bandcamp.com


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