Daniel Johnston
Space Ducks [album stream]

Who’s got kids out there? Who’s into kids out there #piedpiper? Who still feels like being a kid? Well this jammy-jam album, Space Ducks, is right up ya alley. It’s all about driving places with kids and singing along. Tonally, that is… Sweet, tonally is a word. Go teach that to ya kid so they don’t turn out like me. Even teach ‘em how to read with the Space Ducks accompanying comic book. Well, actually, I dunno. Comics would definitely not be my first choice to teach a kid how to read, but this experience is probz totes hawt-its. Damn, and maybe afterwards y’all put on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to further drop some knowledge. Oh, and your kids’ll be snoozing by that time in the back, so light up, ya dig?

• Daniel Johnston: http://www.hihowareyou.com


“You Paid for It”

Dominic Alexander, where are you? Alexander Moskos — a.k.a. Drainolith — wants to know. The Montreal noise-music maestro specializes in minimalistic oddities mixing fried guitar riffs with sparse 808 bumps. “You Paid For It” features Ted Nugent-style rambling about checking out girls in hotel lobbies and waiting for this Dominic Alexander character, over chiming chunks of hair-metal guitars. It’s also tagged with the term “torched blooze,” and even though we all have absolutely no idea what that means, it all somehow seems to fit.

• Drainolith: http://www.facebook.com/Drainolith
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/releases/spectrum-spools

Black Pus

“Devolver” / “Police Song 2”

Black Pus, a.k.a. Brian Chippendale a.k.a. Brian Chimpendale a.k.a. Brianus Chimpedelius, updated his blog yesterday with a report on his mini tour with Buck Gooter and Mounds. But before he gets into the tour hijinks, he starts the post with a new track called “Devolver,” which he recorded to 4-track back in January. It’s a beastly motherfucker. Tacked on the end is an alternate take of “Police Song” from last year’s mighty Primordial Pus. Listen right here, BRO:

Chimp also posted 7 videos from the tour (including a couple of Buck Gooter and Mounds). Here’s one:

Ahhhh. Don’t you feel better now?

• Black Pus: http://blackpusone.blogspot.com
• LOAD: http://loadrecords.com

[Photo: Seth Tisue]


“This All Been Vintage”

While it’s always fun to find a Chocolate Grinder post that justifies full-page exegesis, the real treasures are the tracks that can be fully summed up by a single succinct phrase: This is dope. Or: Ooooh. About Pheo’s “This All Been Vintage,” I fear I may have said too much already. DOPE IT IS. Pheo comes from us via the consistently amazing Soulection label. Download his They Soulection EP for “name your price” here, and read more about it here. Truly — oooooh.

• Pheo: http://pheo.bandcamp.com
• Soulection: https://www.facebook.com/Soulection

Johnny Headband

“Hot Button Topic”

Sunshine. “Hot Button Topic” brings it. Your joints will free up and veins will pump with sparking endorphins; you’ll hunger for the mossy sting of fresh-cut grass stabbing up your nostrils; you’ll want to get your knees kicking high up; your fists will fold, and you’ll flail your arms as you jog out into the warming air — the smog of honking, zooming cars doesn’t even bother you; you’re off: This is a Summer Jam!

Maybe it’s those whirling synthesizers wailing and waving their silvery tones through some hip-shake-inducing mobius-strip loop; or maybe it’s the fuzzed guitars roaring their glorious growl and riffing out Millennium Falcon barrel rolls; or maybe it’s that bass, its boom kicking at your heels and clapping in your ears and keeping right in step with you like some zealous track-and-field coach ready to blare a whistle at you; or no, perhaps it’s those warm oooooOOOOOHooooohs at the chorus?

It all crashes together in a watery cannonball. Detroit-based Johnny Headband may never release this song as a single, it being smack-dab in the middle of their recently-released LP Who Cooks For You, but I had to give you, dear listener, the opportunity to tumble through it. How do you avoid hustling, shimmying, jitter-juking your shoulders to that beat? And to have it all flutter into this meditative calm of earthy resonance near the end… Ahh….

“Organic toothpicks, cookies for breakfast, staying the course, mom and dad’s divorce, hair in the drain, it’s not fair trade, cholesterol, two deers on the wall…”

All these hot-button topics and more get addressed, as Johnny Headband try to wake themselves up from this American Dream. Next month, they’ll be touring the UK. But perhaps, come June, July, they’ll bring this, and other particularly-propulsive tunes from Who Cooks For You your way, somewhere here in the states.

• Johnny Headband: http://johnnyheadband.bandcamp.com


“Sex With AXE™ On”

Back in February, James Ferraro’s new band BODYGUARD released the SILICA GEL mixtape. Flamethrower sales went through the roof. Tomorrow, sales will hopefully go through the roof too for single “RAIDEN - BLUE LIGHTS # NZT” (perhaps SILICA GEL’s most memorable track), which also features B-side “Sex With AXE™ On.” The B-side was recently premiered on Dummy, and so far the reaction has been “gadamn” by SoundCloud user Tokyo Hands. Check it out below:

• BODYGUARD: https://twitter.com/#!/BODY_GUARD_
• BODYGUARD: http://hipposintanks.net/bodyguard
• James Ferraro: https://twitter.com/#!/JFerraro_zip
• James Ferraro: http://tinyurl.com/6v4stfb
• James Ferraro: http://hipposintanks.net/artists/james-ferraro
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