Fez soundtrack

If you’re anything like me — and by “like me,” I mean really into video games — then you probably already know about the video game Fez. You probably already downloaded it on Xbox Live Arcade. You probably already love it so much you want to squeeze its cute little marshmallow-looking main character to death like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.

The game itself is pretty outstanding, but one of the things that’s made me obsess over it even more is the soundtrack. Created by one Rich Vreeland (a.k.a. Disasterpeace), the soundtrack takes chiptune into a very blissed-out drone heaven. Think the music of Lone, Boards of Canada, Emeralds, and early Oneohtrix Point Never done using only the hardware inside an NES, and you’re on the right track. The soundtrack isn’t out yet, but you can stream most of it through the Disasterpeace Bandcamp page and pre-order a digital copy for a mere $5.

• Disasterpeace: http://www.disasterpeace.com



It seems obligatory to mention that Airbird is Joel Ford, one half of Ford & Lopatin; Daniel Lopatin of course is also Oneohtrix Point Never, who set the world ablaze last year with Replica. But somehow, in describing this track from Airbird, knowing that ontology really makes little difference, in both preparation and appreciation. 0PN’s intrigue in the uncanny or nostalgic isn’t so palpable as his partner’s work on “Goodnight” (though I hear just a little Duran Duran, don’t you?); this track is more earnest and purely euphonious than the more concentrated output that has come from this pair in the past. Which, overall, makes it an excellent, listenable single.

Trust, an EP, will be out May 29 from Mexican Summer and Software, Ford and Lopatin’s own label.

• Airbird: http://softwarelabel.net/release/trust
• Software: http://softwarelabel.net


“DX Heaven”

LA futuro-funk prophet DāM-Funk has just unveiled a previously unheard instrumental. “DX Heaven,” which dates back to 2007 (coincidentally, the year of the dolphin), is a spaced-out groove that was, aside from the drum machine, recorded entirely live in the hallowed spaces of the Funkmosphere lab. It’s a tranquil, gentle beast, with an understated bassline, stuttery drums, and woozy synths. Consider it seven minutes in funk heaven.

• DāM-Funk: http://stonesthrow.com/damfunk


“Flowers to Bees”

Spectrum Spools, the imprint of Emeralds’ John Elliott, shows no sign of stopping. It’s also not slowing to a snail’s pace or throwing in the towel or drainin’ the Jamba Juice. Proof? The label has just announced a couple new albums, one by Drainolith and one called Parthenon by PLVS VLTRA, the new moniker of Toko Yasuda, ex-member of Enon, touring keyboardist for St. Vincent, and human of Japanese origin. Now, it’s not surprising that Yasuda is still making incredibly poppy music, but it is surprising that Spectrum Spools will be releasing it. So… surprise!

Parthenon is due May 29 on Spectrum Spools. Check out its first single, “Flowers to Bees,” here:

• PLVS VLTRA: http://soundcloud.com/plvs-vltra
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/spectrum-spools
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

The Flaming Lips and New Fumes

“Girl, You’re So Weird”

I have nice tits, so why am I not in the latest Flaming Lips music video? In any case, The Flaming Lips and New Fumes have teamed up for an NSFW video for “Girl, You’re So Weird,” a collaborative track from the upcoming Record Store Day LP, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. But Fumes’ contribution to the album doesn’t end with that track. According to The Future Heart, New Fumes also “made the 20,000 multi-color-psychedelic-each-unique records,” which included getting Erykah Badu’s blood for the picture disc version! Holy shit!

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends is out April 21, Record Store Day, via Warner Bros.

• The Flaming Lips: http://www.flaminglips.com
• New Fumes: http://gonewfumes.blogspot.com
• Warner Bros.: http://www.warnerbrosrecords.com

DJ Final Trip


In August 2010, a guy named Johnny started uploading (shitty, IMO) remixes of Susan Boye, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. But by the end of the month, Johnny, a.k.a. DJ Final Trip, was uploading weird sound experiments on his synth, such as “House Renegade” and later “Distractions Will Keep us Alive.” By the end of the year? We were treated to some surprisingly interesting noise tracks — including an 18-minute cut called “Pagan Misanthrope With The Number Of The Beast” and (my favorite) “Pretentiosity” — as well as an extremely muffled beat that he made for his hero Lil B.

Then came footwork. In 2011, DJ Final Trip was releasing a shitload of bizarre tracks with a footwork/based inflection, such as “Based Food Diet,” “Dream Girl,” and “Ocean With No Map.” He also released a musique concrète-meets-footwork track called “Truly Alone,” a satirical interview where he calls himself a composer, and a video of him showing off his hair. There’s even a “How to Be Like DJ Final Trip” on wikiHOW.

Sure, no one’s really given him the time of day, despite his many releases. But his presence — as a person, musician, and self-mythologizing (performance) art project — is kinda hard to ignore. Is this a Lil B meets DJ Rashad meets Daniel Johnston meets Nurse with Wound sorta thing? Not really. But maybe a satirist fucking with some music and having a laugh on the way? The journalist in me wants to know the answer, but the remaining 95% doesn’t give a fuck. Just check out “Adderall,” a track that DJ Final Trip, the self-proclaimed “leader of the #SIT movement,” sent to us. As he put it himself, it’s a “Goth-Juke Banger.”

• DJ Final Trip: http://www.twitter.com/djfinaltrip
• DJ Final Trip: http://www.djfinaltrip.bandcamp.com
• DJ Final Trip: http://www.last.fm/music/dj+final+trip
• DJ Final Trip: http://www.youtube.com/cryptodahfinaltrip


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