Return to Koala Deep

SP-404 maestro aaronmaxwell is back with part two of his incredible side project, FAMILY EVENT, with that dude James Matthew. The artists both share an affinity for those near ear-piercing lo-fi high-end sounds explored over releases rarely breaking that 10-minute mark, so this collaboration came with a lot of excitement, but very little surprise. All 7.6 minutes of Return to Koala Deep roll out smoothly, relying very little on any excess instrumentation beyond those slick, 404 loops and without the usual amount of glitch. This may be the two collaborating artists at their most polished, which is to say, still buried in crackle and mounds of half-second drum samples.

Stream the FAMILY EVENT below and/or download it here.

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Eli Keszler & So Percussion


For anyone who has ever been self-conscious about how progressive (or not) their tastes in music are, NPR has provided us with a very well-shot docu-exhibition-performance of percussionist and sculptor Eli Keszler. Keszler often collaborates on his many projects, which vary from long improvisations using sound sculptures to planned compositions made with traditional instruments. In this video, he is joined by the So Percussion group, who composed a piece centered around four snare drums to accompany Keszler’s latest sound installation: a group of strings that are attached to a bridge in Brooklyn, which resonate naturally and create a deep, metallic gurgle. Like all of Keszler’s work, this video portrays a vivid, dynamic artist, and for someone like me, who is not a percussionist, the attention to detail coupled with a chance to see the artists performing is a riveting experience.

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Words+Dreams is BACK and freshing KI, the first solo electronic joint by Chonus (Tony Gedrich). Limited to 100 emerald green C44 tapes, this is W+D’s 12th cassette, and calling it “deep” would be too two-cents. The first track mildly grasps the mix of what’s about to happen in KI, then the bass bubbles and the density of your body changes. Like, the frequencies of sound petrifies your physical self, and moving is your last option. The music has you struck, and shifting may fuck up the planet’s alignment with whatever it’s patterned with, wherever.

But, oh! Does Chonus make you feel KI. So much so that causing a catastrophic magnetic shift in reality might be worth the risk of getting up and dancing. There’s faith here between Gedrich and the listener. It’s egoless in artistic pursuit, while enticing the audience to “let loose” their soul and submit themselves to channel all their emotions through movement. And as sculptures shape the physical, Chonus builds upon a higher form of structure, surpassing the usual routine tape you reel and putting a shine on that magnet you call a play button.

KI comes out this Saturday, and Words+Dreams is throwing Chonus a tape release party at Irene’s Capri Lounge. Bring this world into a new dimension of dance-together!

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James Ferraro

“THE PRELUDE” / Trailer #3


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Mike Donovan

“New Fieldhand Bop”

In case you haven’t heard, Sic Alps broke up :’( . But never fear, because frontman Mike Donovan is coming down from the Alps-aintop with his first solo LP, Wot. “New Fieldhand Bop” marks a departure from the buzzy, fuzzy Sic sound, venturing into more acoustic territory; think of it as a front-porch affair, consisting of our boy, his acoustic guitar, and little else. Clearly, he’s in a pastoral, “Wild Horses” mood this time around — then again, he’s always been somewhat of a nature boy. According to Rian Murphy, our in-house expert on all things Sic, Donovan is “still alit on allusive trips, lost in crystal canyons, turning a phrase with an acid flick of the wrist-watch.” Lost in crystal canyons? Can’t wait to hear how that turned out.

Wot’s that? You want to know when the album is dropping? Drag City will deliver the Californian troubador’s latest bundle of joy on October 15. In the weeks leading up to the LP’s release, Donovan will also be hitting the road with Ty Segall, Huxley Anne, and Sun Foot for a brief West Coast tour. If you’re living on Pacific Standard Time and are still down with the Sicness, the three-week stint will be just the thing to help you get over your post-breakup blues.

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Lil Ugly Mane


“Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” Yesterday, I referenced Lil Ugly Mane in a totally unrelated post. Later that day, totally unannounced, the soon-to-be-retired sorcerer-apothocary debuted a compilation of new old material: three cassette-length sides of “Instrumentals and Unreleased Shit 2008-2011” to be exact.

Now, I’m not saying that Ugly is staking out the Chocolate Grinder, following our every move, awaiting our cues to unleash his brand of demonic possession upon our minions of unsuspecting vaporwave enthusiasts. I’M NOT SAYING THAT. I’m just saying it’s an eerie coincidence — that’s all.

My advice: download this gem for a price of your choosing while you still can, and pray to The Goat of Mendes that this isn’t the “FINAL mixtape” to which Ugly alluded last month.

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