Ghostface, Raekwon, & Method Man
“Our Dreams”

Nah Right has posted a sweeeeeeeeeet track off The Wu-Massacre, a collabo album featuring Ghostface, Raekwon, and Method Man. (Note the primo sample of The Jackson 5’s “We’re Almost There.”) Says Nah Right: “I can’t tell you where I got this but I can tell you it’s not supposed to be out yet… the group doesn’t even have a name yet.”

The Wu-Massacre is due March 30 via Def Jam.

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Magick and Music podcast

From Howlin’ Wuelf:

Check out this podcast with Jarboe, former vocalist with seminal Industrial band, Swans, and an intensely busy solo artist and collaborator who continues to loom large in the extreme rock world working with musicians from Ministry, Neurosis, Pantera, Lustmord, Einsturzende Neubauten to name but a few.

She discusses getting out of her comfort zone to push the boundaries of creativity as well as her experiences with Solomonic magick, spirituality and its affect on her recent work.

Click here for the podcast.

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the morning benders


Here’s a track by the morning benders off their upcoming album, Big Echo, due March 9 on Rough Trade. You can download it at the band’s website.

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Dead Meadow

“That Old Temple”

Dead Meadow PR (who else!):

A video for the song “That Old Temple” by Dead Meadow has just surfaced (click link above). The video was helmed by Artificial Army who have previously worked with recording artists The Sword, The Mars Volta, Coheed & Cambria and These Arms Are Snakes. The song and the video provide the first glimpse of The Three Kings multi-media project to surface later this year on Xemu ( which will include new music from the band as well as re-recorded classics from their catalogue.

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Eat Skull

“Don’t Leave Me on the Speaker”

Portland’s Eat Skull are releasing a “Jerusalem Mall” 7-inch on January 26 via Woodsist. It’s backed with two Sick to Death outtakes: “Thank You Smoke Break” and the track above, “Don’t Leave Me on the Speaker.”

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“Foam Hands” (Destroyer Cover)

Here’s Portastatic covering Destroyer’s “Foam Hands.” From Big Mac:

The idea for a whole EP of Merge covers stemmed from both listening to the SCORE! Merge covers compilation and from doing bookstore events to promote the Our Noise book, wherein we’d play some acoustic covers of songs that came out on Merge. Time permitting, this really could have been a much longer record, but in the spirit of quitting while I was ahead and also turning this in before the end of the year, I stopped at seven songs. Obviously, the Merge catalog is full of hundreds—thousands, actually—of songs I love, so I picked ones I either knew well or thought I could re-create without defiling too harshly. It wasn’t easy to narrow down, so I just tried not to think about it too much, and then time constraints set in…

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