Jónó Mí ló
Eco Reject Mixtape

From the get-go, Jónó Mí ló dives right into Eco Reject Mixtape. The mix begins on such an off-beat that the entirety of it is relentlessly uroboros’d with hit-the-ground-running samples while complementing a well played in middle-ground. It’s just constantly devouring itself. Whether the loop is harsh, lingering, or complete eternity, Jónó digs into the roots of sound while filtering in at least a million samples. And the unintelligible vibe of “Is that someone’s voice” to “Yo, that’s Lana Del and Fergie” comes down to the album art. Intentionally so, I believe the image adorning the j-card of Eco Reject Mixtape is the exact interpretation of how Jónó thinks, currently.

To be a 100% Tiny Mix Tapes faux-review writer here – and to quote Nietzsche completely outta context – “Coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins.” This goes the same for the full-length of Eco Reject Mixtape. Taking away and giving back. New meaning by way of listener interpretation. The complete feed of retrograde into something utterly genuine in fleeting originality displays itself across a series of lights on a sampler, and all at once flickers in and out with effects to never be used again. Though simply, I could listen to Eco Reject Mixtape back-to-back-to-back for days on end, and not capture its reality entirely.

In light of being REEL, at this point, I should probably grab TWO of this tape. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll reel both into oblivion. And as with Lil B’s 05 Fuck Em and ‘Yoncé’s Self Titled joint, Eco Reject Mixtape makes my ride to work every morning WAY less stressful. There’s no getting around the maximalist joy of Jónó Mí ló. Purity solidifies in numbers. Eco Reject Mixtape is #1. So, thanks to TMT’s favorite Bootleg Tapes, Eco Reject Mixtape takes flight on the physical. Listen below to find out for yourself:

• Jónó Mí ló: https://soundcloud.com/jonomilo
• Bootleg Tapes: https://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

Yonatan Gat


As a frequent staple to Drag City’s world music-esque sounds, Yonatan Gat changes label courses and finds a delightfully happy home at Joyful Noise Recordings. Fitting into Joyful Noise’s motif of releasing everything smile inducing in the world (forever), “Escorpião” hits dimples everywhere, fingering licks between a pick and a bend and a plethora of pressed strings. The neck of this guitar must be the smoothest bit of wood in Portugal too. Specifically Estúdios Sá da Bandeira in Porto where the new Yonatan Gat Iberian Passage 12-inch was recorded. Actually, what’s funnier, is that the “Escorpião” (Rough Mix w/ Field Recordings) premiered on SPIN last October as just a taste of what is to be heard as the final piece. And Yonatan Gat’s finished version of “Escorpião” (streaming below) is nothing short of pure rock and roll contentment.

Shoot, even the Village Voice honored the fellah as “Best Guitarist of 2013.” So, if titles like that impress you, which in this case they should (but don’t let me tell you what to do), Yonatan Gat is your MAN on the axe. Yo, actually, it’s almost unnecessary to mention the man’s accolades, including his participation in the monumental Monotonix, ‘cause his personal brand of rippage is flagrant throughout “Escorpião.”

Iberian Passage will be released May 27 on vinyl & digital. The first 400 copies are hand-numbered and pressed on picture disc vinyl featuring art by Baker Overstreet.

Catch Yonatan Gat on tour too, starting tomorrow:

5.2 - New York, NY @ Piano’s
5.3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
5.27 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
5.28 Washington DC @ Paperhaus
5.29 Raleigh, NC @ King’s
5.30 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
5.31 Atlanta, GA @ 529
6.1 Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s (Day show: 4pm)
6.1 Nashville, TN @ Stone Fox (Evening show: 9pm)
6.2 Louisville, KY @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
6.3 Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s
6.4 Indianapolis, IN @ Joyful Noise
6.5 Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness
6.6 Akron, OH @ Musica
6.7 Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio w/ State Champion

• Yonatan Gat: http://yonatangat.bandcamp.com
• Joyful Noise Recordings: https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

Brian Blomerth

Pork Dust

Porky Pig pops out of the WB bass drum, but is too hungover to get his catchphrase out. “T-t-t-thh-th-th-thha-thah–aa-aa–aaaa.” He swivels around, curly Q-tail up in our grills, and vomits a stomach full of slop and Sailor Jerry into the void. “S-b-b-b-b-sshhh-bu-bb-bu–b-shit.” 1000 years of suffering drag onward.

Pepe Le Pew claws for the zipper at the nape of his neck. He unzips his skin only to reveal another full Pepe Le Pew underneath — no zipper visible. His sub-fur harbors mites, splotches of dried butter, and black mold blended into its surroundings. He dances for a mate, and only insects approach.

Marvin the Martian circuit bends his death ray into a tranq ray, dialing the pain knob down to a level barely short of the ecstasy of a violent death. He removes the device from its charging port, places it inside his mouth, and fires it roughly where a uvula would be located on a human being. Just to feel something.

Brian Blomerth (a.k.a. Narwhalz of Sound) has been terrorizing DIY spaces since the mid-00s, armed with a Game Boy, a tape deck, some pedals, a mic, and a continual Wegman-core mental montage of his pomeranian playing inside his brain. His maximal noise-improv/musique-concrète explorations blast his sound sources into uniquely disfigured chaos, bloated with queasy sample fuckery and spastic synth “rhythms” or “melodies” or “detritus” or what have you – whatever, man; just like, just use yer damn ears for this one [BAOAA BAOAOA BAOAOA]. Blomerth drops a new tape called Pork Dust via his website sometime soon, and it’s stuffed with enough childhood-corrupting aural savagery to keep you riveted for at least 24 minutes. Peel your bloodshot eyes for the physical product, peep the incredible cover art by Blomerth himself, and stream both sides below.

• Brian Blomerth / Narwhalz of Sound: http://www.brianblomerth.com

Fat Creeps

“Back 2 School”

Bands like Fat Creeps are keeping rock and roll in the FUN zone. And as they take listeners “Back 2 School,” soup and friendship and dancing and jamming and (DEFINITELY) a chef hat all become part of the best Thursday morning you’ve ever had. See that group of people running across the street? Make some friends and go with ‘em on their adventure. Yo, wait, is that an astronaut? How sweaty you think that fool be?

My grandma always had this trick that’d make her appear to be the world’s strongest lady. She’d lightly tap the north, sound, east, and west sides of a container’s lid on the counter or floor (when nobody was looking, of course), and then just pop it right open. But here in “Back 2 School,” one of the Fat Creeps ladies IS actually the strongest person in the world. Must Be Nice. Oh, what I mean by Must Be Nice is that’s the title of Fat Creeps’ debut album, which is where this tease of a track “Back 2 School” appears.

Since forming, Fat Creeps has been involved with deep labels such as Feeding Tube Records and KLYAM. Now, their first full-length journey Must Be Nice is poppin’ off early this summer on LP from Sophomore Lounge Records and on cassette from Gnar Tapes. And if “Back 2 School” is just the tip of the Fat Creeps peak, then I’m VERY jacked on what’s to come. So scope their cute teaser video below and be on the look out for Must Be Nice sometime next month-ish. OH SHIT, is that Simon from Guerrilla Toss in the astronaut outfit??

• Fat Creeps: http://fatcreeps.bandcamp.com
• Sophomore Lounge Records: http://sophomoreloungerecords.com
• Gnar Tapes: http://www.gnartapes.com

Sativa Flats


Slap me. I’ve written about two tracks in the same week entitled “Internet.” Well, close enough. Fuckin’ people still livin’ with they parents, yo. Shit, this Sativa Flats some dark web “Internet” jamming. Like, you could PROBABLY find this on Napster in its hay-day, but maybe. Maybe not, though. Like, I only know what’s up. And what’s up is Steve “I got the tunes” Rosborough running one of this year’s premium labels, Moon Glyph.

Not to get my tongue stuck up some ass here, but Moon Glyph been on a role. This Sativa Flats cassette runs hard in the paint without there begin much paint to slip in. The minimalism of their work is perfect through the reflection of sound upon sound, and tune within a melody’s reach of happiness. But it’s that’s not directly the fulfillment of “Internet.” It’s more of a reminder that you STILL won’t be known by many after you’re dead. THAT is fucking dark web, y’all. And the more you read others in this same, desperate, and Facebook-status stricken life, the more you’ll draw away from that cellphone light and further into the darkness that lies at night, as you sit on your patio drinking and smoking, reeling that new Sativa Flats off Moon Glyph you bought today. Sound off their one-of-two singles “Internet” below:

• Sativa Flats: https://www.facebook.com/SativaFlats
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com


“Silver Lining”

Between TREE, Serengeti, GOD, Danny Brown, Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, and Willie the Kid, the Midwest has produced more than its fair share of highly talented MCs during the past five or so years. With that many great new artists coming out of the same region, it can be easy to overlook the consistently crafty veterans, like Columbus, Ohio’s Blueprint, who has been quietly holding it down as his state’s strongest rapper/producer since the late ’90s. Don’t believe me? Watch this and this and this and this and the above. Keep in mind, though, Blueprint is several critically acclaimed albums beyond having to explain how dope he is. Hence, the video scrapbook for “Silver Lining” is something much deeper and more deserving of your undivided attention. It’s also the second single off Printmatic’s new album Respect the Architect, which is currently available on MP3, CD and red LP with all sorts of collectibles on the side.

• Blueprint: http://printmatic.net
• Weightless Recordings: http://weightless.net


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