La Big Vic

Last week, La Big Vic released Actually, their debut album on Underwater Peoples. The group currently resides in Brooklyn, but these cosmonauts — Toshio Masuda on guitar, Peter Pearson on synth, former TMT contributor/current Altered Zones editor/Visitation Rites mastermind Emilie Friedlander on vocals and violin — make music that sidesteps geography, that deterritorializes. For a clear example, check out the stream for “Musica” (via The FADER). Also, be sure to take a close look at Robert Beatty’s artwork above. If you adopt a ‘critical gaze,’ as your friendly intellectual might suggest, you might recognize where it comes from. I have no idea.

Plenty of La Big Vic fun over at Pixelhorse; click here for more.

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Tom Trago

Iris [full-album stream]

Last month, Rush Hour Records — don’t you ever touch a black man’s radio! — released Iris, a new full-length by Amsterdam’s DJ/producer/spaceward adventuralist Tom Trago. Hear it for the first time ever, right here at the Chocolate Grinder.

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Forma [full-album stream]

Many thanks to Altered Zones for the full stream of Forma’s new self-titled record. From note one, this thing is striking in its live setting, a real, crystal clear performance captured on tape for our pleasure. And thank Jesus, because these are the kind of thrilling improvisational snapshots that are too often undocumented, left to soak into some grimy practice-space floor.

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Jackie-O Motherfucker

“In The Willows”

Portland’s Jackie-O Motherfucker have delayed the release of Earth Sound System, their 15th album, until next month (July 5, to be exact). As an apology, JOMF’s Tom Greenwood (no relation to Colin or Jonny, sorry) has created a mix of rare tracks for you to enjoy:

But that doesn’t quite make up for it, does it? Perhaps this is why they’re also released “In The Willows,” a track off their forthcoming album. I love promotional apologies! Stream it above.

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• Fire:

Le Révélateur

“Bleu Nuit”

Gneiss Things will be releasing a new LP from Le Révélateur titled Fictions this summer, and you can preview a track and it’s accompanying video right here. “Bleu Nuit” is a finely crafted, slow-building epic, with some of the most careful synth-usage I’ve heard in some time.

• Le Révélateur:

Eleanoora Rosenholm

“Valo Kaasumeren Hämärässä”

A rectangular video that takes advantage of the fact that these kind of things are watched exclusively on computer screens? Why hadn’t I thought of that? Eleanoora Rosenholm’s tiny stature transposed behind apocalyptic imagery brings a weird inevitable sadness to this track, though part of that interpretation might be my inability to understand what she’s saying. Check out the album Hyväile minua pimeä tähti on Fonal, who are clearly on to something after all these years.

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