Lotus Eaters
“Untitled 1” [Side A]

OH MY GOD: Wurmwulv, Lotus Eaters’ 2007 album, is being released on vinyl March 22 via Taiga (TMT News).

• Taiga: http://www.taigarecords.com


“Every Minute Alone (The Circle Remix)”

Knee Deep, WhoMadeWho’s forthcoming mini-album on the venerable Kompakt label, will be released April 26. The group features the Danish trio of Tomas Barfod, Tomas Høffding, and Jeppe Kjellberg, all clearly made-up names.

• WhoMadeWho: http://www.whomadewho.dk
• Kompakt: http://www.kompakt.fm

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE Interpereted as PCM Data

“Awesome, music-like sounds result.”


When I use Adobe Audition and MS Paint, I end up with a crappy techno single and its cover art that no one will ever hear or see (anyone want to take a chance on a 12-year-old techno artist?). But when R2Bl3nd uses Adobe Audition and MS Paint, s/he makes a track worthy of Editions Mego. Well, not really. But by importing the raw data of mspaint.exe (Windows 7 version) into Adobe Audition as an 8-bit, 22050hz stereo audio file, R2Bl3nd ended up with the Mego-esque song above. Unfortunately, R2Bl3nd “faded in the beginning,” removed a “a long section of noise part of the way through,” and “added a bit of phase distortion, as well as reverb and equalization,” but maybe the original version will be released someday on an expanded reissue.



The facebook music-blog-whatever 21st-Century-Beat-Music turned me on to this gloomy donwtempo Flying Lotus-esque beatmaker. He’s got a bunch of albums on bandcamp with varying quality, but there are some real gems as well.

• 9Planets: http://9planets.bandcamp.com/

Xander Duell

“Emma Baby”

New York’s Xander Duell’s Experimental Tape 2, Vol. 1 is due March 29 on New York’s Mexican Summer.

• Xander Duell: http://www.myspace.com/xanderduell
• Mexican Summer: http://www.mexicansummer.com

Rene Hell

“E.S. des Grauens in Fifths”

This bit is interesting from the press blurb for Rene Hell’s upcoming Terminal Symphony:

‘The Terminal Symphony’ is Jeff’s attempt to write tighter, more composed pieces of music – something of a reaction against the glut of long, often-flabby drone compositions that have become a mainstay in the scene. The pieces here are short, concise, and packed full of ideas that can take multiple listens to unravel, and the album, as a whole is almost obsessively structured and complex.

Listening to the record is like hearing Emerald’s Does It Look Like I’m Hear? – composition techniques are definitely emerging in a style that has been typified by long, improvised instrument/gear explorations. You can stream Terminal Symphony at Type records or below.

• Rene Hell: http://www.myspace.com/renehell
• Type: http://typerecords.com/releases/the-terminal-symphony-2


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