Marnie Stern
“The Things You Notice” [remixed by Max Tundra]

Marnie Stern, lovingly profiled by The New Yorker, has been remixed by Max Tundra. NICE DUDE!

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[Photo: Nautical Mile]


“I Led Three Lives”

Portland’s Grails’ Deep Politcs’ release date is on March’s 8th day.

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Kanye West and Jay-Z


Kanye West, Jay-Z, “H.A.M.” — all three will appear on Watch the Throne, reportedly due in March via Def Jam. Visit the album’s Facebook page (yes, the album has a Facebook page) to hear “H.A.M.” Then do other stuff on Facebook.

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“Super Duper Rescue Heads!”

“Super Duper Rescue Heads!” is off Deerhoof’s new album, Deerhoof vs. Evil, which is due January 25 via Polyvinyl. Thank Pitchfork, not us, for the vid!

• Deerhoof:


“Love Will Tear Us Apart” [Joy Division karaoke]

According to Liz Louche over at the TMT News Department, Björk performed some duets with “environmentalist/reporter/entertainer” Ómar Ragnarsson at an Icelandic karaoke marathon this week. What she didn’t tell you (because she didn’t know) was that Björk also performed a solo karaoke version of Joy Division’s cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart”!! Check it out above. (Thanks to Jared for the tip.)

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 44

“Penniless And Rootin’ For A Saw Tooth”

This mix goes for broke and doesn’t look back. Leaving all imitators in their wake, this collection of artists are pushing their synthesizers to new levels of noise and distortion that even a fervent drone fan could appreciate. While most of the entries here are fairly accessible, the depths that both Dolby Anol plumb, and the heights that We Love Machines ascend might leave a few people reaching for their ear plugs. The rest of us will pump our fists gloriously in the air while running full tilt on the gym treadmill.

01. Feed Me - “Jodie” (Single)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Three Six Zero Group - Feed Me

02. We Are Machines - “Scissors” (Single)
Start time: 3:57; Links: We Are Machines

03. Clockwork - “Airflow (Valerna Remix)” (Single)
Start time: 7:28; Links: Clockwork - Valerna

04. Breakdown - “Pet Monster” (Single)
Start time: 12:54; Links: Breakdown - Official Site

05. Eskimo Twins - “Droid” (Single)
Start time: 17:07; Links: Eskimo Twins - Official Site

06. Duck Sauce - “Barbara Streisand” (Single)
Start time: 22:43; Links: Duck Sauce - XMix

07. Computer Club - “Flat Response” (Nerd Secrets EP)
Start time: 27:16; Links: Computer Club - KillPop Records

08. Dolby Anol - “She Didn’t” (Sandy Bitches EP)
Start time: 32:38; Links: Dolby Anol - Tigers Bass

09. MRTN X Pomp - “High (Raw Mix)” (Single)
Start time: 36:44; Links: MRTN

10. Bart B-More - “Brap” (Brap EP)
Start time: 41:00; Links: Bart B-More - Boys Noize Records

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]


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