Mount Eerie
“Lone Bell”

First, there was “House Shape,” now there is “Lone Bell.” As a certified Mount Eerie fan, I have to admit that I am, for once in my stupid life, happy. Check out “Lone Bell” below. It has moody horns, and it is modestly towering, and it is one of the better songs I’ve heard from Elverum since, well, “House Shape.” Listen to that bassline!

Clear Moon, the first of two Mount Eerie full-lengths due this year, is out May 22 on P.W. Elverum & Sun. I’ll be camping out starting this weekend. Who’s with me? JK. I’ll probably order online.

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Sissy Spacek


The secret to grindcore’s glory is very simple: it says what it needs to say, very loudly, in seconds. The LA shredders in Sissy Spacek obey these tenets to a “t” — or rather, to a TNT: “Interlock” is a spazzy, unforgiving noisegasm that, at 33 seconds, wastes no time in launching its aural assault. Sure, your chances of deciphering the lyrics are nonexistent, but words are irrelevant when you’ve got music as acerbic and nitro-fueled as this.

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Daniel Johnston

Space Ducks [album stream]

Who’s got kids out there? Who’s into kids out there #piedpiper? Who still feels like being a kid? Well this jammy-jam album, Space Ducks, is right up ya alley. It’s all about driving places with kids and singing along. Tonally, that is… Sweet, tonally is a word. Go teach that to ya kid so they don’t turn out like me. Even teach ‘em how to read with the Space Ducks accompanying comic book. Well, actually, I dunno. Comics would definitely not be my first choice to teach a kid how to read, but this experience is probz totes hawt-its. Damn, and maybe afterwards y’all put on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to further drop some knowledge. Oh, and your kids’ll be snoozing by that time in the back, so light up, ya dig?

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“You Paid for It”

Dominic Alexander, where are you? Alexander Moskos — a.k.a. Drainolith — wants to know. The Montreal noise-music maestro specializes in minimalistic oddities mixing fried guitar riffs with sparse 808 bumps. “You Paid For It” features Ted Nugent-style rambling about checking out girls in hotel lobbies and waiting for this Dominic Alexander character, over chiming chunks of hair-metal guitars. It’s also tagged with the term “torched blooze,” and even though we all have absolutely no idea what that means, it all somehow seems to fit.

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Black Pus

“Devolver” / “Police Song 2”

Black Pus, a.k.a. Brian Chippendale a.k.a. Brian Chimpendale a.k.a. Brianus Chimpedelius, updated his blog yesterday with a report on his mini tour with Buck Gooter and Mounds. But before he gets into the tour hijinks, he starts the post with a new track called “Devolver,” which he recorded to 4-track back in January. It’s a beastly motherfucker. Tacked on the end is an alternate take of “Police Song” from last year’s mighty Primordial Pus. Listen right here, BRO:

Chimp also posted 7 videos from the tour (including a couple of Buck Gooter and Mounds). Here’s one:

Ahhhh. Don’t you feel better now?

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[Photo: Seth Tisue]


“This All Been Vintage”

While it’s always fun to find a Chocolate Grinder post that justifies full-page exegesis, the real treasures are the tracks that can be fully summed up by a single succinct phrase: This is dope. Or: Ooooh. About Pheo’s “This All Been Vintage,” I fear I may have said too much already. DOPE IT IS. Pheo comes from us via the consistently amazing Soulection label. Download his They Soulection EP for “name your price” here, and read more about it here. Truly — oooooh.

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