“NoWayBack” [feat. Butterclock]

oOoOO’s got a new EP, and it’s titled Our Loving Is Hurting Us. Stream one of its tracks, “NoWayBack,” below, and look for the EP April 10 on Tri Angle. I could write more, but instead:

▼▼▼▼      ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼
 ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼
  ▼▼              ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼
   ▼                  ▼                ▼                ▼                ▼

▼▼▼▼      ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼
 ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼
  ▼▼              ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼
   ▼                  ▼                ▼                ▼                ▼

▼▼▼▼      ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼       ▼▼▼▼
 ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼          ▼▼▼
  ▼▼              ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼
   ▼                  ▼                ▼                ▼                ▼

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Lil B

White Flame [mixtape]

Lil B has finally dropped his long-anticipated-by-me White Flame mixtape. And it’s fucking weird. And scary. And based. Stream below and/or download from Dat Piff.

• Lil B:

Diamond Terrifier

“Chicken Shaman” / “Porcupine Quills”

Outside noises become mantra’d and you squish on through the echoing path of darkness toward the ferocity of thought. In the distance is where he is found. Push on through and try not to look at him in the eyes. Hear him in the present and don’t defend yourself, just accept it. Try and fossilize him, transcend fear and thought and practice and “and;” find what you are really seeking.

Seek out Diamond Terrifier’s (Vajrabhairava/Sam Hillmer of ZS) 22-minute cassette Shrine Flu off Words+Dreams March 9.

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Evian Christ

Kings and Them [mixtape]

Evian Christ was hyped late last year by Dummy, who described his music as “Clams Casino-gone-footwork.” That’s like an automatic 5,000 points on the hype-o-meter. Since then, the once-anonymous producer has revealed his name (Joshua Lear), his residence (UK), his age (22), and, today, a mixtape. Kings of Them consists of remastered versions of the tracks he uploaded to YouTube, and hot-as-shit label Tri Angle (Balam Acab, Holy Other, Ayshay, How to Dress Well, Water Borders, etc.) is offering the mix for free at its SoundCloud. Stream below or download it here.

Meanwhile, The Fader says Mr. Joshua is working on new material for a future release on Tri Angle. PRETTY COOL!

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• Tri Angle:

Carlos Giffoni


Ahh, pop should accelerate like this always. “Evidence” gives the feeling of exhaling in one long, deep movement, colored in swirls and weighted moisture. *upper-lip-sweat* And who is that is on them keys? It’s Laurel Halo.

“Fuck you, C Monster. Now, I’ma buy this 12-inch Evidence EP off Software Records February 7, and you can rot!”

Hey, how’d you know all that info? Oh, I’m late to the game? Fuck this game, I’m selling this shit for hallucination $crill. #FIN

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“Atlantis Purge”

Steve Moore and Majeure, the two synth-masters who fathered the Bladerunner-rock band Zombi, usually record separately these days, but they’ve recently combined powers to release a split LP, Brainstorm, on Temporary Residence Ltd. Steve Moore pumps out a few impressive synth diddies on Side A, while Majeure (aka A.E. Paterra) performs the epic “Atlantis Purge” on the B side. It wanders a pleasing ambient adventure for 16 minutes and then glides into a progged-out jam for a brief 4 minutes to finish it off in grand Zombi-style energy. It’s a trip.

• Majeure:
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