Patrick Higgins & MIVOS Quartet
“Fourth Movement - Deviation”

Continuing his journey in composition, Patrick Higgins presents “Deviation” from the forth movement of his String Quartet No.2 production with MIVOS Quartet. His ear for sound and craft of vibrating wood presents tremendous composure within a piece teetering on the brink of madness. This was also all recorded live by Ben Greenberg in December 2011. Now, he ain’t bringing along the MIVOS Quartet along with him on his tour, but continue to scope the tour Twitter and drop Patrick and tourmate Sam Hillmer a line. #goofau

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Outer Limitz

“I Kontact”

We’re contractually obligated to cover music coming from Hippos in Tanks, which is why we’re posting about Outer Limitz. The project, essentially Sam Mehran (of short-lived group Test Icicles), has just dropped a single for “I Kontact.” Keywords: narco-VHS, iTunesOuterLimitz, R&B&POP, MTVHive, 1NF1D3LC0WB0Y, GetThaFuckOuttaMyEar. This music will/won’t/shouldn’t change the world.

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White Suns

“Footprints Filled”

“Footprints Filled” reminds me why I love LOAD Records. It’s also helping to solidify 2012 as an amazing year for “heavy” music, because White Suns are heavy, both literally and figuratively… or wait, I mean, I’m not saying they’re overweight and shit, but, like, it’s loud and also an epic trip. Listen to “Footprints Filled” here:

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“Reverse Inverted”

I don’t know what the bat that pissed in guitarist Andrew Elstner’s eye was thinking, because Torche might just be one of the best things to happen to sludge-pop since the Meat Puppets. By now, you’ve probably snagged “Kicking” — the balls-out, horns-up first single. Now, the Floridians have shared another track from their upcoming Harmonicraft (due April 24). “Reverse Inverted” has the same crunchy goodness you’ve come to expect from Torche, along with some downright hummable solos to add just enough pop to cut through the muck. There’s also a nice, Sabbath-y groove that sprawls throughout — hey, great bands with bat problems think alike. If you’re not a bat and you’re a fan of early, pre-suckage Foo Fighters or Houdini-era Melvins, be sure to give “Reverse Inverted” a listen.

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Death Grips

The Money Store [album stream]

Death Grips just wowed the world a few hours ago by getting Pitchfork to post this sweet picture from Coachella, alerting the “proper authorities” if you get me, and now they’re deciding (via Twitter) to share the whole damn Money Store album over a week ahead of its April 24 release date.

Go ahead and listen to it from back to front. Maybe even leave a comment, like “so killer,” or, “just preordered the vinyl!” or “just saw this at interesting site btw.”

Also don’t forget their tour starts May 5.

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[Photo: Natalie Kardos]


“Hubble Escape”

To kick off both FriFri der 13th and his Hubble tour, Ben Greenberg provides you with exit music, “Hubble Escape.” Nothing says getting the fuck out of New York than the movie Escape from New York accompanied by a meandering soundtrack. And this is Hubble I’m writing about here; technology-gaping, delay-echo absorbed, an infinity of notes: SHREDDER. Maybe not shred in terms of let’s fucking shred, but in terms of a human being who transcends sound by gutting craft. Witness it above, and check out Hubble’s dates at Northern Spy.

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