Rangda is a supergroup, and I hate using that word, because usually it makes you think of Zwan, or Angels & Airwaves, or some other collective of popular but mediocre musicians that becomes somehow infinitely more amazing when you lock them all in a studio together. But the members of Rangda really are, well, super. You’ve got Richard Bishop, of Sun City Girls fame, shreddin’ it up on guitar. Then there’s Ben Chasny, the mastermind of Six Organs of Admittance and a member of Current 93, also shreddin’ it up on guitar. And to combat the double-guitar whammy, there’s Chris Corsano, legendary improvisational drummer and collaborator with everyone from Thurston Moore to Björk. Together, these three guys play some of the most sophisticated, crunchy psych-rock to be heard by human ears. “Majnun,” a cut off the band’s upcoming sophomore LP, Formerly Extinct, starts out innocently enough with a stop-and-go beat; at the halfway point, however, things get absolutely crazy and explode in a cacophony of noise before switching back again. I don’t know about you, but I’d take this over Asia any day.

Formerly Extinct is available September 18 on Drag City.

• Rangda: http://www.dragcity.com/artists/rangda
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Sic Alps


If you’re a scarecrow, you probably won’t want to watch this Sic Alps video. I’m sure these boys from San Francisco are very nice — they cajole around in the woods, row boats, and dress up one lucky scarecrow in a stylish denim jacket and a tie-dye t-shirt. They even give him a guitar and a front row seat to a private Sic Alps concert in the woods. But what happens next is an act of inexplicable and incomprehensible violence: pure scarecrow murder. Neither I nor Tiny Mix Tapes condone such acts of cruelty towards our most beloved of agricultural aids, but on the other hand, it’s interesting to see such a smokey, fiery video for such a happy-go-lucky garage tune.

You can download “Glyphs” for free here.

• Sic Alps: http://www.sicalps.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com



But it’s your third week in Las Vegas, leaving now would be TKO, and poppin off punches as LiL ≏ JaBBA has won the title. Top floor of the Aria, livin’ that FrEE LiFE.. That TEKLIFE. Thinking of either playing a set for all the city to hear from ya balcony, or just tossing yourself off into the fountain out front, below. It’s lonely in the Maserati, breezing down the strip, clearing the stench, grinding your “OiL.” The sound of the town swells your head and your internal “o.M.s.” chanting (via headphones) helps subside the noise pollution. There’s a new escalator invention in the lobby @”STepS.(i GLiDE)” and when you look over, people are winning puppies and baby rabbits out slot machines. The basement casino feels like it’s underwater, but you restrain yourself from breaking the glass floor of the pool above. Lights flood your room in a blur, and it is packed with your pals, the “RaiDeRs.” Off to another underground club/casino to make the most of Teklife’s extension of play in your FrEE LiFE.

• LiL ≏ JaBBA: http://liljabba.bandcamp.com
• TEKLIFE: http://soundcloud.com/djrashadteklife

King Felix (Laurel Halo)

“Armstrong Limit”

So you want some new Laurel Halo, huh? Quarantine wasn’t enough for ya? Well, we’ve got you covered… sort of. “Armstrong Limit” is not a Laurel Halo track per se, but it’s by the same lovely lady, only under her dancier moniker, King Felix. Taken from the Go For the Gold split cassette with other TMT favorites Pete Swanson, Burning Star Core, and Noveller, this is some chilled-out house that sounds downright wintry, even though it’s off a tape that was released in tandem with a summer gig at New York’s Public Assembly. Different name, same drippy, droogy grooves.

• Laurel Halo: http://www.laurelhalo.com
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net


Live on WFMU

Jealousy is an appropriate name for a boy-girl duo comprised of bass and theremin, handled respectively, hailing from San Francisco. I want that for myself. Watch Mark Treise and Alison Peery play full throttle on Scott Williams’ WFMU show. In the video shot by Yvonne Szymczak and David van Dokkum, the pair perform their voodoo under a veil of darkness and strobing light, which intermittently illuminates Treise’s bass-strumming hand. The 18-minute set is an exploration of improvised theremin squelches, garage-flavored bass riffs, and breathy mysterious vocals.

• Jealousy: http://www.myspace.com/jealousychina
• Moniker Records: http://www.moniker-records.com

We Shave


And your feet hurt from jumping so much to too-cute beats blaring, and everyone at the party is spilling their drinks, so be careful not to slip. You look over on the window sill and naked body shots are being taken off your now ex-girlfriend. The Everclear, fruit, and anti-freeze cocktail is searing everyone from the inside, but the crowd keeps popping, and smiles and smiles. Someone laughs cocktail on your button up, so you take it off and use it to pull them closer to dance. We Shave’s “HooDoo” repeat melody bumps on, and the toxic androgyny you’re dancing with blends away again into the crowd. The stain on your shirt looks fashionably intentional as you button it back up. Three or four steps on the stairway have broken through, or are just gone, but you make it up, sweating anti-freeze upon reaching for the top step. No bathroom line because people have been using the backyard, and you enter, baring witness to the nastiest food-driven orgy ever. But you shit and walk around it, head to the door, and the knob comes off in your hand. You feel like “HooDoo” has been played again, or the DJ got lazy and left on the new We Shave Cuts EP for a full Side A play-through. Someone in the pile of flesh one the floor/bathtub hands you a cocktail, you throne yourself, and use your phone to look up more details about Cuts on the Sangre Libre website.

• We Shave: http://soundcloud.com/weshave
• Sangre Libre: http://sangrelibre.com


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