Rob Magill

Mmm, that “found” sound intro to sampled orchestra revealing oblivion deserted savage folk. Raw and bare knuckles pleasantly brush metal strings and post-blues moaning tales of what self and comfort mean.

Robert Magill is at it again with DREAM INSIDE YOUR CANYONS on Deep Tapes, y’all. So fresh and to the point. Coming down off his earlier 2012 album DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO RECENTLY LIVED, Robert is now tossing out his newest works From The Year 1842 to the luckiest label to snag it. And if his little licks on guitar don’t persuade your ear, his sax is something to breathe to, aside from a little tapping and spastic dancing.

But, when it comes down to it, Robert Magill got the voice of a man. Of humanity. Of a brother who has coated his throat in honey whiskey since he was 7 or 8 or 9 and grew into the most noon-o’clock-shadowed cherub singer this side of the West Coast. Err, I’m on the East Coast. I meant his coast. And the coast is all clear! Right? So, check out his freshest three tracks on DREAM INSIDE YOUR CANYONS, and keep your eyes peeled for his newest material in the months to come.

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Hot Chip

“Don’t Deny Your Heart”

You know those Sims music videos that are all over YouTube? The new Hot Chip video for “Don’t Deny Your Heart” is like that, except a lot weirder. Watch as the band gathers on the tour bus to play a FIFA-style soccer — I’m sorry, FOOTBALL — video game. At first, things seem normal enough, or at least as normal as any game with smooshed-faced characters could possibly be. But then things erupt into a giant ball of, ahem, “brotherly” love. The results are hilarious and very uncanny valley-ish — although the best part of the clip has got to be the cheeky commentary, as well as the band’s reactions to the absurd spectacle.

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Pick Your Own Poison

Everybody’s getting younger and it’s incredibly annoying. This guy’s 20, this guy’s 18, and this guy’s 15, which is just insulting. Nevertheless, Soulection have found more precocious talent for the pile with their 21st release. Waldo is 20 and proves his versatility over an eclectic buncha beats courtesy of Sango. From the man himself:

Honestly, Pick Your Own Poison is about finding your lane in life. Whether if the lane you choose to pursue is right or wrong it’s still the poison you chose. It’s also about my life and the poison I chose.

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$PL▲$H ¢LUB 7

“CHROME_DREAMS” [post-vapor demo]

Walking away, shelling well gambled wampum in your wallet, you switch out cassettes and nod to the disintegrating tape-recorded version of Usher’s “OMG.” The parking lot is dark, and the reel continues rotting as you pass newer cars, so ticks and tings flicker in and out of the music and magnet. Looking at that honey photo taken earlier, your sweatpants get a little tighter, and a speckled row of cell phone screen lights linger past the corner you just came from behind. Turning down Usher’s stretched voice enhances your hearing: shuffling feet surrounding you and echoing, distant smooth jazz matching electronic dings from the flea-market casino. A silhouette of a man approaches and snags the photo out your hand. “It’s her. It’s her I was righ— fuuhahahuuck,” he says, spits, and points at your brow, “Ya done.” Running across cars becomes the best escape route, and the sound of flattening metal and alarms drives gamblers from their games. One of the cell phones chasing you nabs your ankle, and hitting your head on a car’s hood has you seeing pockets of dark matter. Out of spite for their stepped-on cars, gamblers are cheering on the gang taking shots at your gut while holding you down, and a few cheerers approach and slug a few too. The police arrive. You see this in a bright migraine light, and there’s a lot of handcuff clicking. They stand you up dripping, but you still thick, oh-me.

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Jüppala Kääpiö

Rewound Grooves [excerpts]

If you see Jüppala Kääpiö’s Rewound Grooves and don’t want a copy immediately, then you are an utter fool, and the 123 of us who do manage to get our greasy mitts on this beauty will be laughing in your bedraggled face while wearing the CD’s accompanying mask. I can’t wait for the day of Krampus, interchangeably referred to as the 5th of December, when this wonderful chunk of occult-tinged drone is released.

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The Exhalers

Dive Hard Trilogy

Joao Costa Gonçalves, the man who brought you Mediafired and Sofa Pits, returns with his latest addition to The Exhalers enterprise. The Dive Hard trilogy is based on an animal personification concept illustrated sonically through the experiences of a dolphin, which may or may not have something to do with the amount of time this diligent artist spends underwater. According to Gonçalves, the sea is a most fitting environment to explore these themes because of its impossible density and inscrutable expanse, which crystallizes the perfect setting for his most recent efforts; a delightful catalogue of boundless musical lucidity crushed by ambient echo, Delphinidae clicks, and Casio keys.

November was a busy period for The Exhalers, who supported Former Selves, Lace Bows and Branches on the Iberian leg of their European tour at the beginning of the month. The Dive Hard trilogy has since sold out on Exo Tapes in physical form, but was recently uploaded on the project’s SoundCloud.

Have a listen to Part Two in the trilogy below, and keep your ear to the (ocean)floor with plenty more soon to follow from Exo Tapes.

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